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How to fix Liftmaster error code 4-1?

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Liftmaster manufactures the best quality garage door openers but even the best quality door openers face some errors because of some problems in the door openers parts or some issues in the logic board or connection. This error will be shown when the sensors detect too much force is being used to close the garage door.

In this article, we have discussed the symptoms and the causes of the “excessive closing force detected error code 4-1” and a few ways to fix it.

What are the symptoms of Liftmaster error code 4-1?

There are two symptoms that you will see when this error occurs:

  • While closing, the garage door starts reversing after touching the floor and goes back to the open position.
  • The garage door reverses and returns to the open position without touching the floor.

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What are the causes of error code 4-1?

Here are a few possible causes for the error code 4-1:

  • Any obstruction that is not letting the door close properly.
  • The door is not aligned properly.
  • Any broken part that needs replacement.

How to fix the error code 4-1?

Here are a few ways that might help you fix the error:

Remove the obstruction

It is possible that there is some kind of obstruction in the tracks or between the sensors that are not letting the door close. so for any object that is obstructing the sensors and the tracks and if there is something remove it.

Align the door and sensors properly

The garage door might be out of alignment and that might be the reason that they are not closing properly and reverting back to the open position, or the sensors are out of alignment. Try aligning the doors and the sensors which might fix the issue.

Follow these steps to fix the error by aligning the door and the track:

  • Check that the door is correctly balanced and properly aligned or not.
  • Now disengage the trolly and then close the door halfway.
  • After that move the door to check for resistance in the track.
  • Now, close the door and reconnect the trolley and access the buttons.
  • Now to adjust the door settings hold the up and down button until the arrow flashes.
  • Press and hold the up button until you have adjusted the door in the required position and then press the adjustment button to save the settings.
  • When the down arrow starts flashing, press and hold the down button until you have adjusted it to the required position and press the adjustment button again to save the setting.
  • The up arrow should flash again and when it flashes press the up arrow button and the door will open to the saved position.
  • After that press the adjustment button and do the same for the down arrow.
  • Finally, press the adjustment button to complete the settings.

Check for any broken/loose parts and replace/repair them

Check for the following parts that are broken or loose which might be the reason for the door not closing properly and if they are broken or loose then replace/repair them:

  • Torsion spring
  • Belt slip
  • Worn rollers and broken/worn hinges
  • RJO shaft collar slippage
  • Worn bearing in bearing plate
  • Loose travel module drive gear

Contact Support

It is not easy to replace the parts in the garage door so you might need a technician to repair/replace some of the parts for that contact Liftmaster customer support.

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