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What does Luck of the Sea do in Minecraft?

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Minecraft puts a lot of focus on mining raw resources and crafting your items to survive and fight off the monsters. However, the game does have a few tricks up its sleeve when it comes to enchanting.

In this article, we’re looking at what Luck of the Sea does in Minecraft?

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What is Luck of the Sea in Minecraft?

Simply put, Luck of the Sea is a fishing rod enchantment that increases your chances of catching valuable items such as enchanted books, enchanted bows, saddles and nametags, among other things. 

The enchantment is more powerful as the level increases. The maximum level is three, meaning you’ll be the luckiest when fishing with a level three enchanted fishing rod. 

To be more specific, the enchantment increases the chance of rare (treasure) catches by about 2% per level. At the same time, it also lowers the chances of catching junk and fish by about 2% per level and 0.15% per level, respectively. 

How to use Luck of the Sea?

Before getting started, enchant the fishing rod you have using either an enchanting table, anvil or the /enchant command.

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What does Luck of the Sea do in Minecraft?
We ended up with raw cod on three separate occasions, even with level three of the enchantment.

Once you have an enchanted fishing rod, head over to the nearest water body in your biome and use the rod by right-clicking to cast the fish line now, all you have to do is wait for something to bite on the line and as soon as you see the bubble go down, right-click again to pull back.

With any luck, you’d have caught a rare item. If not, keep trying. Keep in mind that even with the highest level of enchantment, the chance of finding rare items is still relatively low overall.

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