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Stop looking for a voice changer online, MagicMic is here

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If you’re in the market for a voice changer online, there are several good options. However, with the userbase for such software increasing rapidly, so are the demands of the users. 

This is where MagicMic, a real-time voice changer, comes in to save the day. In this article, we’ll take a look at this piece of exciting software and tell you about its features.

What can MagicMic do?

As mentioned before, MagicMic is a real-time voice changer, which includes a female voice changer, that can be used in several different places since it’s real-time. 

Sound and voice effects

There are over 200 different sound effects as well as over 48 voice-changing effects that are updated weekly — you’ll never run out of them. Many common voice effects such as robots, radio, male to female voice changer, and ever-popular minions. 

Local audio support and custom voice changing effects

Not only can MagicMic change your audio out in real-time, but it also has the option to import your local music or audio files and apply all the effects to them. If you’re confused, you can use the feature to select a voice effect randomly. 

The in-built voice studio lets you make your voice-changing effects down to precisely what you want with real-time tweaks.

Hotkeys and volume control

MagicMic also supports hotkeys to change and control sound and voice effects on the fly. You could set a hotkey for a female voice changer and use it to change your voice entirely in an instant. 

You can also adjust the volume of the voice changer effect and the background sound if you have one, making MagicMic the one solution you need for an entire audio suite, including your sound effects, the background sound and the changed voice. 

This is helpful when streaming on a platform like Twitch, where you want to play sound effects for specific actions on your stream without interrupting or jarring the audio. 

Performance, installation and setup 

The software is pretty lightweight at 3MB, so even lower-end CPUs can handle it easily. It also opens up rather quickly. It’ll only take you a few seconds to download and install before you can get up and running.

Here are the minimum system requirements to run MagicMic. 

PC ComponentMagicMic system requirement
ProcessorIntel i3 or better, 2GHz or above (6th gen or newer)
(8GB recommended)
GraphicsIntel HD Graphics 5000 or later; NVIDIA GeForce GTX 700 or later; AMD Radeon R5 or later. 2 GB
(4GB required for higher quality)
Disk space10GB HDD; SSD recommended
OSWindows 7, 8.1, 10 (64-bit) and 11
MacOS versions: 10.10, 10.11, 10.12, 10.13, 10.14, 10.15, 11.6, 12.1

Although MagicMic will work with just about any program on Windows or Mac, the officially supported games and programs are mentioned below.

So if you’re looking for voice changers online, your search can finally come to an end by using MagicMic. 

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