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How to make calls from your Samsung Smartwatch?

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Smartwatches are amazing pieces of tech that are trying to and have to some extent replaced wristwatches. We now have a computer on our wrists that’s capable of a lot more than just showing the time and date.

These watches can track our vitals, including our blood oxygen saturation levels, track our movements, calories burnt, show us notifications and even stand-in for our phones if you get the LTE variants of said smartwatches. And then, of course, they show the time in whatever way you prefer. They’re watches after all. 

While most smartwatches now get the fitness tracking side of their wearable nature right, they still have some catching up on the productivity side. Samsung’s watches have always been right at the top of balancing both sides.

In this article, we’re going to talk about how you can make phone calls from your Samsung smartwatch, including Galaxy Watch Active, Galaxy Watch Active 2, Galaxy Watch 3, Galaxy Watch and Galaxy Gear Sport. 

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Making calls from your Samsung Galaxy smartwatch

Step 1: Press the home button to go to the main menu. It’s on the bottom right side of the watch and doubles up as the power button as well.

Step 2: Tap on Phone.

How to make calls from your Samsung Smartwatch?

Or if you’re looking to call a contact that already saved on your phone, you can do that by going to Contacts on your watch and tapping the contact. 

How to make calls from your Samsung Smartwatch?

Step 3: Tap on the keypad on top.

How to make calls from your Samsung Smartwatch?

Step 4: Type in the number and tap the green phone icon.

How to make calls from your Samsung Smartwatch?

Now if you have an LTE variant, your call will start right there on the watch itself. If you’re using the WiFi variant instead, the watch will redirect the call to your phone. 

If you have a speaker in the watch or have Bluetooth headphones connected to it, you can still take the call on your watch. You’re also free to swap back and forth between your phone and watch during the call.

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