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What is an MCM client?

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Android is a rather open mobile operating system that lets its users (or device administrators) do just about anything they want on their device. For a lot of devices issued as work phones by a corporation, they usually come with at least some sort of preinstalled software to help the company track data access on said phone.

In this article, we’re going over what is an MCM client and giving you answers to any questions you might have,

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MCM client explained: Is it safe?

MCM stands for Mobile Device Management. It’s an app or software usually installed on company-issued phones or computers. A lot of carriers also install it on the phones they sell to make it easier for them to push updates and provide secure access to files using a secure authentication process.

An MCM client usually runs in the background and has three main features.

  • Content updation: Client admins can often push updates from on centralised location to all devices running the client.
  • File classification: Most MCM clients let users catagorise and then sort files in any given order using tags and categories making it easier to get to important files when they’re needed.
  • Multi-file support: MCM clients also support a number of file formats from text documents to media files like videos and audio files all while ensuring secure access to these files.

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Why is MCM client installed?

There are a number of reasons why an MCM client might be present on your phone. For starters as mentioned above, if you’ve been given a work device from a company, they’ll usually put an MCM client on it so that you can easily and safely access corporate documents as and when you need to, removing to download a third-party program to do the same which can lead to malware and infections.

A lot of carriers like Sprint or T-Mobile also put MCM clients on their phones to help give users all the support and assistance they might need as well as offer additional services from a single app on their phones.

What is the ‘MCM client requests are processing’ message?

Sometimes, you might see a notification or message saying “MCM client requests are processing”. This usually comes from your carrier’s (generally T-Mobile or Sprint if you’re in the US) MCM client app when there are some updates going on in the background. 

The message or notification will automatically go away in some time after the said update has been processed.

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