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What are Minecraft Advanced Tooltips? How to enable it?

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Minecraft might seem like an easy game to someone who hasn’t played it yet, but once you’re in the mix of things, they can get pretty intense rather quickly. As you struggle to mine resources, move to new ages and build shelters to protect yourself from the mob, you’re going to need every tool at your disposal.

In this article, we’re going over five advanced tooltips that’ll help you up to your game.

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What are Advanced Tooltips in Minecraft?

Advanced tooltips is an often ignored feature in Minecraft that lets you see additional information about the items you possess and the world around you. You can see hitboxes, line of sight of different creatures around you, and remaining tool, armour, and weapon durability.

You can toggle advanced tooltips using the F3+H keyboard shortcut.

Do keep in mind that at the moment Advanced Tooltips are only available on Minecraft’s Java Edition. If you want to see additional functionality on the Microsoft Store edition, you’re going to have to use mods.

Viewing weapon, armour and tool durability

Once you’ve enabled advanced tooltips, you’ll see a message show up on the screen confirming that the feature is enabled. You’ll now be able to see your weapon, armour and tool durability.

F3+B: View hitboxes and line of sight

Pressing F3+B on your keyboard will allow you to see entity hitboxes and their line of sight. This is particularly helpful at night when you’re trying to fend off the mob and will help you plan your attacking and escaping strategies alike.

F3+T: Reloading resource packs

While Minecraft isn’t exactly resource-intensive, it has been modded significantly over the years. Usually, these resources packs or mods work without problems, but if you’re experiencing any visual glitches or artefacts, you can use the F3+T key combination to reload your resource packs.

Alt+F3: Displaying Frame Time graph

Once again, while Minecraft isn’t precisely resource-intensive, the significant amount of mods can sometimes cause a drop in performance if you’re worried about the framerate, press Alt+F3 on your keyboard to bring up the Frame Time graph.

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This will have all the necessary information you might need, such as frame rate and refresh rate, to diagnose where you’re losing performance.

F3+G: Displaying Chunk borders

Your Minecraft world is divided into chunks of blocks measuring 16 by 16 blocks and is 256 blocks high. Your spawn chunk always remains loaded, but if you’ve got a lot of Redstone clocks that are causing lag in a particular chunk, all your chunks will lag.

Pressing F3+G will display chunk borders, letting you build things that don’t overlap with laggy chunks.

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