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How to mute people in CSGO? How to chat in-game?

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If you’ve been playing CSGO for any length of time, you know that it’s a team game. Communication is as vital in the game as an individual’s skill. If you’re not going to work as a team, you’re going to lose.

Unfortunately, this doesn’t always work out. Sometimes matchmaking might put you against someone who doesn’t have a mic or someone who uses it too often.

Rest assured CSGO has appropriate measures put in place for both these scenarios. In this article, we’re going to take a look at how to mute someone in CSGO as well as how to chat with people.

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How to mute people in CSGO?

If you’re in-game and someone is exceptionally annoying or toxic, you can mute the player quite quickly. Here’s how to mute people in CSGO.

Step 1: Open the scoreboard by pressing the Tab key.

Step 2: Left click on the player’s name and a pop-up menu will open. You can either lower the player’s volume or outright mute them by clicking on the sound icon.

A muted player will appear in red on the scoreboard. If you’re playing competitive, they’ll show from the name of their colour.

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How to chat in CSGO?

If you’d instead use the text chat in CSGO, or if you don’t have a mic (we highly recommend you get one) you can use the built-in chat in CSGO. There are two options here, general and team chat, which have been explained below.

General chat: These messages are visible to everyone across the server regardless of the teams. They’ll appear as messages in front of your name. The default key for general chat is ‘y’.

Team chat: These messages will only be visible to your teammates. They’ll appear as your team name in brackets with your name followed by your messages. The default key for team chat is ‘u’.

When you’re inside the lobby for any game mode, you can access the chat by either clicking on it or pressing the general chat button.

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