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Why is MX Player not working?

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Apps with unarguably the finest interface occasionally run haywire due to some glitches caused by a malicious app or an issue with the core system software of your device.

MX Player is no exception to such unforeseeable malfunctions. The most common identifier is the unexpected closing of the application or blank screen with no image when you seek the video to play.

This article will walk you through several reasons for the “MX player not working” error with seven quick fixes alongwith other notes.

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Restart the Device

Sometimes, restarting the device might be all you need to fix the problem. Just make sure you clear the application from the list of recently opened apps so that it isn’t running in the background, and then try starting the app again. That should solve your problem. 

Update MX Player

Developers constantly track the functioning of their application even after years of its launch. This is a crucial practice to not only maintain the app but also to introduce new features that boost user engagement.

Additionally, these new features help in plugging the security loopholes that hinder the proper functioning of the application. If you are unable to access MX Player even after a quick restart then the next thing you should do is look for any updates on the Google Play Store or App Store.

A quick update will surely fix any bugs that might be causing such an error. Follow the steps mentioned below to update the version of your application.

Why is MX Player not working? 7 quick fixes
  • Open Google Play Store or App store in case of an iOS device.
  • Then write MX Player in the search bar.
  • If you see any update for the application on its download page then click on the Update button to initiate the process.

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Clear MX Player cache data

Cache refers to the data amassed by your smartphone after opening an app or visiting a website. This can be scripts, images, thumbnails, search history, or snippets of video stored temporarily to minimize the load time every time you visit the same page.

Though Cache is essential at times when the internet speed is low but all this data that is offloaded onto the device memory sometimes contain corrupt files which ultimately slows down the gadget and cause performance issue with the app.

Clearing Cache data from your phone can help solve the issue as it forces the app to regenerate any corrupt files it might be working with, which could’ve caused the problem.

Why is MX Player not working? 7 quick fixes
  • Open your phone’s Settings and head over to Apps Management.
  • Now Tap on the App list.
Why is MX Player not working? 7 quick fixes
  • Find MX Player in the list.
  • Then go to the Storage usage option.
  • Finally hit the Clear storage and Clear cache buttons to remove all data.

Update your device software

System updates are a way to keep your device free from bugs and glitches in most cases. They come with fixes and stability to keep your apps running smoothly.

To update your device software go to Setting>Software update. If any new updates are available you can simply click the install button to commence the process.

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Allow app permissions

All the application installed onto a smartphone requires some permissions to access the device hardware features without which they can not function properly.

Why is MX Player not working? 7 quick fixes
  • Open your phone’s Settings and head over to Apps Management.
  • Now Tap on the App list.
Why is MX Player not working? 7 quick fixes
  • Find MX Player in the list.
  • Tap Permissions.
  • Make sure MX Player has all the permissions it needs. 

Check your internet

MX player needs an active Internet connection when streaming online content available on the platform. If you’re using WiFi, ensure that the adapter is not unplugged or kept afar from your device. In the case of mobile data, make sure you have not exhausted your daily data usage limit.

To be sure that the Internet connection is not causing the error you can try to stream any pre-downloaded video on the app.

Uninstall and reinstall the app

If an app is still not working properly on your phone after trying all the solutions above, we recommend you reinstall the app. This could fix the problem in most cases if it was caused by a compatibility issue.

Contact customer support

If nothing else works and you need any further assistance regarding your issues, you can directly contact the MX Player customer support team with your queries to understand the problem better.

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