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Why is Nespresso displaying red and yellow lights? Quick Fix

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If you own a Nespresso coffee maker then you may have come across lights that turn orange or green. Usually, when the light of a Nespresso machine turns orange, it can have a variety of solutions including an internal error with the machine. When any light shows up, you should try cleaning your coffee machine thoroughly.

In this article, we will clean up any confusions that you may have related to your Nespresso machine displaying red or yellow light.

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What does red-yellow light indicate?

If you are noticing a reddish-yellow or yellowish-green hue emanating from your Nespresso machine then it means that you have to descale your coffee machine. What does descaling mean? You may have noticed that your coffee consists of mainly water. This water, regardless of whether it is tap or filtered, might contain some minerals like calcium and magnesium. If you have noticed white solid deposits near your tap, it might be due to these mineral deposits that make the water hard. If you do not descale or remove these mineral deposits regularly, you might end up clogging your coffee machine.

Cleaning your Nespresso coffee machine might be extremely beneficial to you and your family or friends. A clean Nespresso machine gives you a delicious cup of your chosen coffee capsule flavour. If you do not scale this stainless and smooth Nespresso coffee machine often, then the coffee machine might end up getting clogged and give bitter-tasting coffee with a rancid smell. To avoid bacteria growing on old and stuck coffee grinds, Nespresso recommends cleaning and descaling their coffee machine every 300 brews or three months, whichever comes first.

Red-yellow light: Reasons and fixes

There might yet be multiple reasons for your Nespresso machine to show half-red or yellow light. Some of them are mentioned in the table given below. If none of the fixes seem to be working even after descaling your coffee machine, you can connect with their customer care.

Reddish-Yellow light intensityReasonsFixes
Pulsing red lightYour coffee machine is cooling downWait for it to cool down
Regular blinks per secondAn error1. Properly place the capsule and close the head correctly.
2. Switch off the machine (press Longo and Expresso buttons simultaneously) and unplug it for ten minutes.
Blinks twice then steady green light The water reservoir is empty or the capsule is not inserted1. Refill the water tank with fresh water.
2. Replace the old and empty capsule with a new one. Do not reuse the old capsule.
Blinks twice then steady orange light The machine has entered special functions menuThe special functions menu consists of:
1. Descale (push the lever down once)
2. Empty the machine (push the lever down twice)
3. Reset the machine (push the lever down three times)
Note: Leave this menu by pressing the button and lever simultaneously for three seconds.
Blinks thrice every two seconds then steady red light The machine head is in the wrong positionOpen the coffee machine’s head, clean any visible coffee grounds, and close the head properly again by pushing the lever down.
Blinks twice then blink orangeError when entering special functions menuOpen the coffee machine’s head, remove the capsule, and restart the menu.
Steady light DescaleUse a descaling solution to remove mineral buildup in your coffee machine.

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Descaling: In 7 steps

Once the descaling process begins, you cannot pause or stop it and it will continue for 20 minutes. The descaling solutions that are acceptable include:

  • Nespresso’s descaling solution
  • Other brand’s descaling solution
  • Water

Follow the steps given below to get a brief layout of the descaling process:

  • Remove the capsule and turn on the machine.
  • Add 900 mL or one glass of water and descaling solution in the water tank.
  • Enter the special functions menu by holding down the lever and pressing the button simultaneously for three seconds.
  • Pull the lever down one more time to enter descaling mode.
  • Place a bowl under the machine’s spout. Let the machine run for 20 minutes till all the water is out.
  • Add some more water or wash the tank, then press the button once again. This will take the machine into rinsing mode.
  • After the water is all out, push the lever down once and press the button simultaneously. This will help you exit the special functions mode.

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