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New Instagram users now need to provide DOB to prevent underage use

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Instagram has announced an update to their policy for new users as anyone now signing up to the social network will need to provide their date of birth. This is being done to ensure that underage people don’t join Instagram.

According to their Terms of Use in most countries, users need to be at least 13 years old to have an account. In addition to preventing underage users from joining, Instagram also aims to “enable more age-appropriate experiences overall” to create a tailored experience to educate people about account controls and privacy settings for youngsters.

However, since this process doesn’t require any documentation, it’s easy to bypass such restriction for anyone deemed underage by the service — a simple lie would suffice.

The date of birth information won’t be visible to other users on Instagram. Accounts that are connected to Facebook accounts will be assigned the same date of birth, as mentioned on the latter. Editing the date of birth on Facebook will also change it on Instagram.

Those who don’t have a Facebook account or haven’t connected it to their Instagram account will be able to add or edit their birthday directly on Instagram.New Instagram users now need to provide DOB to prevent underage use“These newest updates are part of our ongoing commitment to ensuring Instagram remains a safe and supportive place, especially for the youngest people in our community,” Instagram announced.

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More privacy for Direct Messages

In addition to the aforementioned update, Instagram also announced that they’d be strengthening the privacy around Direct Messages on the platform.

Users will soon be able to control who can send direct messages to them. They can allow only people who they follow to message and add them to group threads. Enabling this option will restrict those who you don’t follow from sending you messages, group message requests as well as story replies.New Instagram users now need to provide DOB to prevent underage use In the News: Focus mode for Android comes out of beta: Available on Android 9 and 10



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