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NFLbite: Reddit NFL streams’ new home; Free NFL live streams

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If you’re looking for ways to stream live sports matches on the internet, probably one of the first places you’ll go and look is Reddit — the front page of the internet. And if you happen to be an NFL fan, chances are your search on Reddit ended up in dismay. Reddit NFL streams, also known as /r/NFLStreams, was a popular subreddit that saw multiple streamers post links to their websites that allowed millions of people every month to view NFL streams for free; that is until Reddit banned the subreddit for infringing copyright policies.

However, soon after Reddit took down the popular Reddit NFL Stream, the subreddit creators fired up an alternative website in its place called NFLbite, which quickly became one of the most popular options out there to stream NFL matches for free.

Here we’ve discussed the content available on NFLbite, its pros and cons, if the service is safe and legitimate and how to use NFLbites to stream live NFL matches or videos.

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What’s available on NFLbite?

NFLbite offers the following NFL content.

  • All the NFL live streams from Reddit
  • NFL scores
  • NFL match and draft schedule
  • NFL news
  • NFL stats
  • Other NFL videos

Is NFLbite safe and legit?

NFLbite curates a list of links to streamers who’re streaming live NFL matches, and in arguably all the cases, they don’t have the right to stream the content.

So, NFLbite or the streamers that the website links to in all likeliness infringe upon the copyright of the content owner for the NFL, making it illegal and illegitimate.

While it does allow people to enjoy NFL streams for free, it also makes them vulnerable to malware attacks via malicious pop-up ads.

If you’ve got your hands on a VPN service, it’ll be wise to use it while using NFLbite or similar sports or another streaming website to maintain your anonymity.

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NFLbite Pros and Cons

NFLbite ProsNFLbite Cons
It’s freeAds can get annoying, especially the full-page ones
It offers several links and almost a full coverageSome ads can contain malware — common across free streaming sites
Perfect for NFL fans as it’s dedicated to NFLSeveral broken links for some streams
Offers stats and news, unlike other free streaming sitesNo streams available on non-match days
Has an active social media communityLacks Podcast options

How to use NFLbite?

All you need is an internet-connected device (mobile, tablet, laptop, pc, gaming console) and a fast internet connection to stream NFL matches on NFLbite.

  • Go to the NFLbite website for Reddit NFL streams. You can alternatively try this link.
  • Search for your team.
  • Click on the game card.
  • Scroll down to the streams table.
  • Select a link and open it in a new tab.
  • If it works, enjoy your NFL live stream; but if it doesn’t, go back and try another link.

CT Editorial Team

CT Editorial Team