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How to fix Dell Monitor error: No DP signal from your device?

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It might happen that the Dell Monitor might not connect or detect the DisplayPort and the following error is flashed before you — No DisplayPort signal.

If this is the case, then don’t worry as we are here with 7 fixes that you can try to resolve the issue.

7 ways to fix the No DP signal from your device error on Dell monitors

No DP signal error can be caused by various factors such as damaged cable, incompatible graphics card or some malware in the system.

Try to unplug and then reconnect the DisplayPort cable

Sometimes the cable might not be properly plugged into the DisplayPort. Also, dirt and dust can cause loss or interference in connection. So, make sure that the port is clean and dust free.

If it is dirty, try cleaning it with compressed air. Apart from that, make sure that the cable is firmly plugged into the DisplayPort adapter.

Update the Dell monitor drivers

Sometimes, old drivers cause trouble with functioning. So, it is better to keep updating the drivers as soon as the company releases them. Visit the official website of Dell and then enter the monitor’s serial number and name to download the latest driver.

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Restart the devices

Usually restarting the computer fixes some minor bugs. This should be your go-to option in case of any small malfunction with the system. You can also unplug the monitor and wait for a few minutes before connecting it again.

Update the graphics driver

Here are the steps to update the graphics driver:

Step 1: Go to the Search bar and then type Device Manager. Or, you can also right-click on Start and select Device Manager from the menu.

Step 2: Under Display Adaptors, find the name of your graphics card, right-click on it and click on Update Drivers.

Step 3: Click on Search automatically for drivers. Windows will then automatically look for and download the latest drivers for your particular GPU.

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Roll back the update

In case you feel that the latest update of the driver is not working fine, then you can always roll back the update to the previous one.

Open the Device Manager and then search for your graphic card driver under the Display adaptors option. Look at the previous step where we posted the screenshot.

Now, right-click on the driver and then go to Properties > Driver > Roll back driver.

Check the input source

This is for a situation where the monitor has more than one DisplayPort. You have to ensure that you have inserted the correct active input source into the DisplayPort.

Contact the customer support

If all of the above fails, then contacting Dell’s customer support is your last option. Head to Google and then search for Dell’s support in your respective country. We have provided a link for Dell India.

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