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Dutch chipmaker NXP confirms data breach and leak of customer data

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Netherlands-based chipmaker NXP has confirmed that a breach in systems connected to their online portal has leaked customer data, including name, email, address, phone numbers, company names, job titles, descriptions, and communication preferences.

The breach was detected on July 14, three days after it occurred on July 11. Troy Hunt, creator of Have I Been Pwned, shared the email sent by NXP to its customers on Sunday.

Since the leaked data includes phone numbers, email addresses and postal addresses, NXP has requested its customers to be cautious when responding to emails requesting their information or that contain links, especially those impersonating NXP, since these can be phishing attempts.

“Upon discovering the incident, we immediately launched an internal investigation, activated our incident response procedures, and the team took immediate action to contain the incident. We also promptly notified the authorities,” NXP’s email to customers reads. “We have completed our internal investigation, and though we have found no evidence to suggest your data has been fraudulently used, we are now contacting all affected users out of abundance of caution.”

In a statement to Techcrunch, an NXP spokesperson declined to comment on the number of customers impacted but confirmed that there was “unauthorised” access and that they are contacting all users “out of abundance of caution”.

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CT Editorial Team

CT Editorial Team