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What does OFC mean?

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Online communications through text messages or social networking platforms has become the new norm and one of the things that assists and make this mode of communication quicker and more effective is the use of acronyms or abbreviations. These not only help in getting the message across quickly but also serves to help the writer work effectively around a certain character or word limit — a common theme online. One of the popular slangs online is OFC.

Here we’ve discussed the meaning of OFC, how to use the term and alternatives that can be used insteda of OFC in a conversation.

What is the meaning of OFC?

OFC stands for ‘of course‘.

OFC is a more courteous and respectful slang with the same meaning as OBV (obviously) or Duh. It used to communicate the expression of agreement, observation or confirmation of a statement presented by the sender or the receiver. It can also be often passed as a comment that is perceived as ironic, sarcastic or even irritable.

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How is OFC used?

OFC can be used in any part of the sentence. It all depends upon the desire of the sender.

As discussed earlier, it can be a direct answer to a close-ended question or sometimes even an open-ended question with a simple answer that can be summed up under slang. It can also be used to present a viewpoint through agreement.

It can also be used to depict sarcasm in a comment and can be used to make the receiver realise that the message received is much more ‘obvious’.


Person 1Is tomorrow’s meeting time decided as I asked you to do?
Person 2OFC!

This example depicts that the answer to the question asked by the person one is yes or more obvious.

Alternatives that can be used for OFC

  • OBV or ‘obviously’ is the most popular alternative that can be used for OFC. It usually indicates the same meaning as the OFC slang but is a little more on the impolite side, which can be perceived as a little rude by a receiver.
  • Duh is another alternative that can be used for OFC. This is a single word that again literally means obviously or, of course, but is again informal, which might be perceived as a little rude by the receiver.

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Ishika Aggarwal

Ishika Aggarwal