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Top 11 Open Source Games you must check out

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Do you also hate spending a huge amount of money on the latest releases only to play half-developed buggy games that don’t even run properly? Well, in this article, we’re bringing you the top 11 open source games that you can not only play but also contribute to as you game along.

Alien Arena: Warriors of Mars

Alien Arena, formerly known as CodeRED: Alien Arena, is an online FPS shooter game mix between Quake and Unreal Tournament. The game is mainly about killing your enemies in deathmatches and the several team-based game modes that it offers.

There are a few objective-based game modes as well, but the game’s main focus is multiplayer. The game also has a global leaderboard for those ultra-competitive players. It’s available for Windows, Mac and Linux.

You can download Alien Arena: Warriors of Mars here

The Battle for Wesnoth

Battle for Wesnoth is a turn-based strategy game that’s surprisingly deep for a game that boasts rules as simple as this one. There’s importance on resource-management and tactical combat.

The game is based on a hexagonal map, and players can level-up their units to make them stronger. There’s also a rather deep map editor, and players can make custom content through an add-on system. There are 17 singleplayer campaigns and 55 multiplayer maps to choose from.

You can download The Battle for Wesnoth here

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Endless Sky

This is a remake of the old classic Escape Velocity and is a space exploration game. There’s an extensive single-player campaign, side-missions, shipbuilding, and intergalactic space battles.

The game offers a similar sandbox space trading and galaxy exploring system like Elite: Dangerous or Star Control. It’s available for Windows, Linux and macOS.

You can download Endless Sky here


As the name suggests, this is an open-source Doom clone. While the source code for the original Doom game is open-source, many of the resources used were licensed. 

Freedoom aims to make Doom a truly open-source game by creating the content portion open source as well. You’d need a compatible Doom engine to be able to play the game. We recommend using Crispy Doom or ZDoom. The game is available for Windows, Linux, macOS and Android.

You can download Freedoom here


If you’re looking for an alternative to Microsoft’s Flight Simulator, FlightGear is your best bet. Not only is the game totally free to download and play, but it’ll also give you access to over 20,000 real-world airports included in the game’s full scenery set.

You don’t need a beast of a PC to run it either. The simulator is built with realism in mind, and the goal of the developers is to eventually build a platform for research, pilot training and other academic purposes. The game even takes weather data from METAR data that updates in real-time.

You can download FlightGear here

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There are more Minecraft clones out there than one can count, but Minetest is amongst one of the best. The map is 62000 x 62000 x 62000 blocks big, and you can go 31000 blocks up or down. There’s no running out of space for your builds.

You can play in a variety of game modes available. You could survive in harsh environments, fight other players off, build creatively or hang around. There’s singleplayer, LAN and multiplayer support as well. 

You can download Minetest here


If you’re into rogue hacks and other similar games that’ll make you want to jump off a cliff, Nethack is for you.

You have to work your way through 50 randomly generated dungeons battling mythical beasts to receive the Amulet of Yendor. The entire game is made using ASCII graphics which means everything in the game has a key on your keyboard.

You can download NetHack here


RVGL is a remake of the classic Re-Volt game where you race RC cars through the streets, jumping off ramps, and doing all sorts of crazy stunts while trying to win races. 

The game allows you to enjoy RC car racing in full HD resolution along with peer-to-peer multiplayer, extensive audio improvements, anisotropic filtering and MSAA and much more.

You can download RVGL here

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Love playing Mariokart but hate paying for the game? Well, Supertuxkart is essentially Mariokart but with open-source characters or mascots, if you will.

The game itself is quite straightforward. You race against AI or other players in various multiplayer modes. There’s a story mode as well. The game is available on just about any platform, including Windows, Linux, macOS and Android.

You can download Supertuxkart here


Warsow is a fast-paced shooter game inspired by Quake. The game is set in a futuristic cartoon world and is available on Windows, Mac and Linux.

According to Fabrice Demurger, one of the game’s founders, Warsow is considered one of the most skill-demanding games in the fast-paced arena shooter scene. The game is all about quick movement, precise shooting and having loads of fun. 

You can download Warsow here

The Dark Mod

If you liked playing Thief, you’re going to love this. The game is a tribute to the Thief series and is based completely around stealth and movement. You’re a thief, stealing things and evading guards.

To play the game, you first need to install the base game and then download and play the missions. If you’re bored of that, you can make your own missions using the built-in mission editor. 

You can download The Dark Mod here

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