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OpenAI’s ChatGPT is coming to Android devices soon

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Photo: Tada Images/

Photo: Tada Images/

OpenAI’s popular ChatGPT tool, launched in November, has been rapidly gaining users and is now set to debut on Android devices. Following the release of the free iOS app in May, the company announced that ChatGPT for Android will be available in the coming week.

OpenAI has not provided a specific release date for the Android app but has linked to a preorder page on the Google Play Store, allowing users to register and receive the app as soon as it becomes available.

The decision to expand ChatGPT to Android was anticipated, as the company had previously mentioned plans to release an Android version shortly after the iOS launch in May.

Users can search for the app on Play Store and then tap on the Install button to register themselves for beta testing.

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Bing offers GPT-4 to its users. | Photo: Mundissima /

While Google’s Bard chatbot doesn’t offer dedicated mobile apps and relies on its web-based interface, users now have an alternative with ChatGPT for Android. Microsoft’s Bing app, which utilizes the Prometheus Model and GPT-4, has also been available on Android and iOS since February.

However, amidst the excitement for the Android app, there have been reports of declining web traffic and app installations for June, according to data from Sensor Tower and Similarweb, reported The Verge.

Some users have also raised concerns about GPT-4’s performance, describing it as “slower and dumber.” OpenAI has addressed these concerns by assuring users to continuously update the APIs to improve performance and user experience.

With the launch of ChatGPT for Android, OpenAI aims to tap millions of Android users worldwide. However, users must remain cautious of fraudulent ChatGPT-like applications. One such app rose to the top paid app charts on iOS in January.

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