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What is Optimized Battery Charging? How does it work?

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If you have been using a phone which is more than a year old, maybe two or even three years, then you may have noticed its crippling and declining battery life. The battery life of any device is always in a downward spiral and eventually, it runs out. In phones, even though the lithium-ion battery is rechargeable, even it has a period of decline and eventually, it comes to the end of its lifespan.

In this article, we will be focussing on what is Optimized Battery Charging on your iPhone and how it works to save the lifespan of your iPhone’s battery.

What is Optimized Battery Charging?

Apple realises the chemical deterioration inside a lithium-ion battery is contributed by many external factors like varying temperatures and charging patterns. As lithium-ion battery ages, its ability to hold a charge for longer durations diminishes affecting your phone’s battery life. Thereby reducing your phone’s overall performance.

Apple has come up with Optimized Battery Charging to tackle this issue and help improve your iPhone’s battery life and reduce any significant wear. iPhone accomplishes this by spending less time getting fully charged when the Optimized Charging feature is enabled.

After the feature begins functioning, your iPhone will track and monitor your charging patterns and hold off on charging the phone beyond 80% when it predicts that you do not require a fully charged phone at that moment. If your schedule is regular, then it will use its algorithm or on-device machine learning, according to Apple, to charge your phone just when it knows that you are about to unplug it from charge.

The aim of the Optimized Battery Charging feature is to rapidly charge your iPhone as well as elongate its battery’s age by not letting it charge for a longer duration. Keeping your iPhone connected to a charger for long durations without the Optimized Charging feature enabled will likely cause wear to the battery’s lifespan.

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How to enable the Optimized Battery Charging feature on iPhone?

To enable or disable this feature, follow the steps given below on your iPhone:

  • Head to Settings and scroll down to tap on Battery.
  • Tap on Battery Health.
  • Tap on the toggle in front of Optimized Battery Charging to enable/disable the feature.

You can disable the feature if you want to charge your battery to 100%.

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Requirements for Optimized Battery Charging

This feature entails the following requirements:

  • It works on iPhones updated with iOS 13 or later software.
  • A notification on your Lock Screen reminds you when your iPhone will be completely charged.
  • You can touch the notification and tap on Charge Now if you want your iPhone to charge more quickly.
  • The feature will remain unengaged until it has fulfilled a minimum requirement of 14 days to observe and learn your charging habits.
  • Additionally, your iPhone needs to be charged nine times for five-hour durations in a specific location for this feature to begin.
  • Since this feature is location specific, it requires your habits to be consistent, such as staying at home or in a place of work instead of travelling where it cannot predict your charging patterns. Hence, you will need to have some of your Location Services enabled as well.

Thus, to enable the Optimized Battery Charging feature, you may need to spend most of your time in one place as well as keep your habits less variable. Your location data is not stored by Apple.

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