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How to fix Google Pay error OR PMSA 05?

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Google’s GPay payments app is relatively secure and easy to use, two factors contributing massively to its popularity. However, that’s not to say that the app is immune from the occasional bugs and glitches.

In this article, we’re talking about how you can fix the Google Pay error OR-PMSA-05 and the reasons behind the problem.

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Why does this happen?

As inclusive as Google Pay is regarding payment options, the app doesn’t support everything out there. There are still certain card issuers and banks that aren’t yet fully compatible with Google Pay.

If you’re using such a card or bank to make payments using Google Pay, you’ll get the OR-PMSA-05 error code. In such cases, the payment goes through but won’t be registered wherever you’re trying to pay.

How to fix the OR-PMSA-05 error?

Here are a few simple solutions to fix the OR-PMSA-05 Google Pay error.

Verify your payment method

When diagnosing issues like these, the first thing you should do is verify whether or not you’ve entered the correct payment details in Google Pay. Incorrectly typed card numbers, expiry dates, or CVV codes can cause your payments to fail.

Check the network connection

Next up, check to ensure you’ve got an active internet connection. If you’re on WiFi, check to see if the internet is working and that you have a stable connection. If you’re on mobile data, check to see if it’s enabled and you have good network coverage. 

Update the Google Pay app

If their problem is in the Google Pay app itself, Google will sooner or later release an update to patch the issue. Check to see if you’ve got any updates, and if you do, install them and give them another try.

Clear the Google Pay cache

Clearing the app’s cache can eliminate any corrupt files or data that might interfere with Google Pay’s functionality.

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  • Tap on Apps and notifications.
  • Tap on Show all apps and find Google Pay from the list. If you’ve recently used Google Pay, it’ll show up in the recent apps as well.
  • Tap on Google Pay.
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  • Then tap on Storage & cache.
  • Then tap on the Clear Cache button.

This should fix the OR-PMSA-05 problem, and you should make payments again.

Choose a different payment method

If you were using your card to make the payment, try using another card if you have one on hand. If not, you can try alternative payment methods such as net banking or UPI.

Contact your bank

If nothing else solves your problem, chances are your bank has a compatibility issue with Google Pay. In such cases, you should try getting in touch with your bank to ensure that there are no problems in your bank account itself and that you can use it outside of Google Pay as well.

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