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What are Paytm First Points? Check and redeem

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Paytm First Points is a reward program that offers cashback and discounts on deals after collecting Paytm points. It is done through the Paytm app on one’s mobile phone. Every Paytm user often earns cashback points or offers on every money transaction made through the Paytm app. These points can then expire if you don’t use them on time or can get you discounts on deals. When a certain number of points have been collected, they can be turned into cash.

This article will be your helpful guide in figuring out how to use the Paytm First Points feature. Win great cashback and earn money using Paytm First Points.

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Paytm’s First Points

If you are an existing Paytm user, you can view the number of Paytm points you have gathered to date. However, not all transactions bring you points, some get scratchcards with discounts or vouchers. You can always tap on deals on any offer that lets you earn cashback points specifically.

Check your points

Follow the steps below to successfully check out your Paytm First Points received by you through your transactions:

  • Open your Paytm app on your mobile phone.
  • Scroll down all the way to Save more with Paytm. Tap on the Cashback & Offers option under this heading.
  • Here you can view the cashback won, the cashback points balance, as well as the vouchers and deals waiting for you to utilise.

Cashback Points History

Multiple options lead to multiple places. Patiently, check out all the deals and offers to make the right decision.

  • There are scratchcards here that give you the cashback money or points and any voucher or deal in return from previous transactions.
  • Tap on Cashback Points to check your Cashback Points balance. You can also tap on Points History to see what transactions earned you points and how many expired.
  • You can also redeem all of your points or some of them for cash in your Paytm wallet. This is offered in gift vouchers of Rs.10 (1000 points), Rs.20 (2000 points), Rs.30 (3000 points), and more.

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Redeeming First Points

You can collect as many points as you want limitlessly by making transactions throughout the Paytm app. You can convert your points to Paytm Balance, starting with a collection of a minimum of 1000 points that can be redeemed for Rs.10 and so forth. Points can also be redeemed for deals on OTT/music/food app subscriptions, clothing brands, electronic items, travel, and beauty products among others.

You can redeem your cashback points by going for exciting deals and discounts offered by varying brand names. You can also earn extra points by doing mobile recharges or any other bill payments.

Paytm First Points is like a treasure box full of deals, cashback offers, discounts, and so much more. Another feature in First Points called Hot Deals offers short time-period discounts on branded products. You can contact Paytm Care Ticket for any queries.

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