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Pixel 7a launched at Google I/O for $499

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Google has announced its latest launch in the A series, the Google Pixel 7a with a big update on its camera at their developer conference, Google I/O 2023, alongside a slew of AI integration into its products. Pixel 7a is available to purchase at $499 in a limited edition coral colour (available only in the US GStore), Charcoal, Snow, and Sea colours.

Unlike Pixel Fold, which will begin shipping in June, Pixel 7a is ready to hit the market today. Google’s Pixel 7a comes with its flagship processor Tensor G2 chip with 8GB RAM (2GB increase from Pixel 6a) and a 90Hz refresh rate, all at an affordable pricing of $499.

You can find the Tensor G2 chipset in Google Pixel Fold as well. Speaking of chips, Pixel 7a also has its Titan M2 security chip, making Pixel 7a extremely secure. Also, the phone comes with a 60 Hz display which can be changed to 90 Hz in the settings.

Google is also launching Pixel Buds A-Series in a new colour called Sea.

You can also wirelessly charge your Pixel 7a and the sections given below cover the various other features that Pixel 7a packs:

AI integration

With generative AI being the main focus at the developer conference held today. It has been incorporated into Google products and it comes as no surprise that Pixel 7a has AI features as well. This includes the ‘Pixel Call Assist’ feature that makes Pixel 7a intelligent. The call assist AI has the following features:

  • Hold for Me: This feature allows your phone to wait on line in a call when you are placed on hold. It notifies you when a representative is available to attend your call.
  • Call Screen: This feature tells you who is calling you as well as why they are calling. You will have all of this information readily available before you pick up the call.
  • Direct My Call: This feature allows you to view menu options and get the correct department on call when calling businesses.
  • Clear Calling: This feature enhances and brings clarity to the caller’s voice and reduces all background noise.
  • Wait Times: This feature gives you an estimated prediction of the time you will be placed on hold when calling businesses.

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Pixel Speech

The Messages app in Pixel 7a has all the features that are present in the predecessors of the A series and are provided by its Tensor G2 processor for Pixel Speech including:

  • Live Translate
  • Recorder Speaker Labels
  • Assistant Voice Typing
  • Voice Messaging Transcription

Camera specs

The biggest update in Pixel 6a to 7a was to the A Series camera, which has been made with a 72% larger camera sensor as compared to Pixel 6a. The sensor increase has led to 44% more light intake in the camera. The new Pixel 7a has a stunning camera due to a 13-megapixel ultrawide lens and Long Exposure. This creates an image with more objects and adds texture and energy to objects in motion.

The Night Sight is now twice the speed of Pixel 6a. Lastly, due to its Flagship processor, Tensor G2, the Pixel 7a has Super Res Zoom that can zoom up to 8x and present a clear and sharp image resolution.

Design and build

The Pixel 7a has a similar design as Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro, with a distinguishable camera bar. Google has introduced midframe architecture bringing durability to Pixel 7a. With sustainability in mind, Pixel 7a’s aluminium housing contains 100% recycled material, which makes up for 11% of the weight.

SpecsGoogle Pixel 7a
ProcessorTensor G2
Storage128 GB
Battery4385 mAh
Display6.1-inch OLED, HDR
1080p 90 Hz
Resolution1080 x 2400 pixels
CameraRear Camera: 64 MP (main camera wide); 13 MP (ultrawide)
Front Camera: 13 MP (ultrawide)

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