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How to fix Plex not skipping intro issue?

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Streaming service and media player platform that serves users everything from their subscriptions in one place, Plex has made a thriving market for themselves over the past few years. Plex offers the Plex Pass subscription with a skip intro button, just like Netflix and other services, which allows its users to skip the repetitive sections; it is a very helpful feature when you want to binge-watch something or do not want to see the same intro every time you start a new episode.

In this article, we have discussed the causes of Plex not skipping the intro and the six ways to help you fix the issue.

What are the causes of Plex not skipping the intro?

Here are a few possible reasons that might be causing Plex not skipping the intro issue:

  • You don’t have a Plex pass subscription.
  • Your device does not support the skip intro function.
  • Intro is less than 20 seconds.

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How to fix the issue?

Here are six fixes that might help you resolve the Plex not skipping the intro issue:

Get Plex Pass

If you cannot see the skip intro button, it is because you don’t have a Plex Pass subscription. The skip intro feature is only available to Plex Pass members. Plex charges $4.99/month for the Plex Pass subscription.

If the intro is of 20 seconds or shorter or it comes after the halfway into an episode then the Plex will not detect it and will not provide an skip intro button for that.

Check whether the device you are using supports the skip intro function or not

Plex skip intro function is supported on the following devices:

  • Amazon Fire TV
  • Android mobile
  • Android TV
  • Apple TV
  • iOS
  • macOS (desktop)
  • PlayStation
  • Plex HTPC
  • Plex Web App
  • Roku
  • Smart TV
  • Windows (desktop)
  • Xbox

Click here to see smart TVs that support Plex skip intro function.

Update to newer server version

Running Plex on older server versions may cause this issue, make sure you are using the Plex server version or newer.

Turn on video markers from the server settings

Plex allows you to change your Plex media server settings for video markers, follow the steps below to change the settings for video markers:

  • Open the Plex web app.
  • Then go to Setting> Server> Library.
  • Now change the Generate intro video markers settings as per your requirements.

It has the following options available:

Never: As the name suggests it will never analyse to find intros in TV shows.

As a scheduled task: If you select this option then it will analyse during regular server maintenance.

As a scheduled task and when media is added: If you select this option then it will start analysing the moment you add a new media and for the already existing media, it will analyse during regular maintenance.

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Analyse a season or episode manually

Plex allows its users to force detect the intros by using the analyse feature, and to analyse an episode or season, follow the steps below:

  • Open the Plex web app.
  • Click on the Shows option in the left panel.
  • Then click on the show and then click on the season for whom you want to scan for intros.
  • Then, click on the Triple Vertical dots button.
  • Click on Analyse option in the drop-down menu.

Change settings for individual library

You can also change settings for individual libraries, you can do this while creating or editing the library, click on the Advanced tab and find Enable Intro detection and enable it if it is disabled.

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