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Spotify desktop app not working: Quick Fix

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Spotify is one of the leading music applications in the world and comes with a bunch of exciting features. As of 2023, Spotify has more than 200 million subscribers.

In this article, we explain how you can fix the Spotify desktop app not working issue.

Check your internet connection

It might happen that you have an unstable internet connection. So, check your internet speed with any third-party website or check with your Internet Service Provider to confirm an outage.

Also, make sure that your router is working properly. Secure the cables firmly and make sure that the cables are not damaged. If you are facing an internet issue, then power cycle your router. Just unplug the router from the main socket and then wait for a few minutes before replugging it.

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Restart the app

Close the Spotify app and then restart it once again. You can also restart the computer to fix any minor bugs.

Close the app using Windows Task Manager

Spotify app keeps running in the background even after it is closed. After you turn off the computer, it might cause some problems with the app. So, you should close the app properly, that is, by using the Windows Task Manager.

Press Ctrl + Shift + Esc to open the Task Manager. Select Spotify and then click on End Task.

Spotify desktop app not working: Quick Fixes

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Update or reinstall the app

Usually, companies release updates to enhance the user experience further and to fix bugs. So, it is imperative that you update the app as soon as you can.

If you notice that the app has been updated recently and can still run it on a desktop, then you should uninstall it. Go to the Start menu > Settings > Apps > Installed apps. Here, select Spotify and then click on Uninstall.

Spotify desktop app not working: Quick Fixes

Now, download Spotify from the website or Microsoft store.

Clear the cache

Spotify uses the device’s memory to store parts of the music as a cache so as to access it quickly. Thus, you should have at least 1 GB of free memory for Spotify.

To clear the cache, open the app and then go to Settings by clicking on the top right. Now, click on Storage > Cache > Clear Cache.

Spotify desktop app not working: Quick Fixes

Other fixes

There are some other fixes that you can look into:

  • Make sure that you have at least 250 MB of storage left on your computer.
  • Check whether your device is compatible with the Spotify desktop app. Usually, Spotify runs without any trouble on Windows 7 and above. If you are using an older version of Windows, upgrade it.
  • Disable Windows Firewall.
  • Update your Windows operating system.
  • Close any other application that you aren’t using.
  • Check your laptop’s battery.

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