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Why is my polaroid flashing orange? 

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Polaroid cameras, also known as instant cameras, enable you to take a photo and print it instantly. Although these cameras provide little to no creative control, they are liked by amateur photographers and professionals alike.

If your polaroid is flashing orange, here are four possible reasons along with the solutions that you can try.

Flash is charging

Before taking a new photo in polaroid, the flash has to charge again. It takes somewhere around 3-10 seconds for the flash to charge. So, if you are trying to click a picture too quickly, you will see a flashing orange light.

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Battery running low

A flashing orange light also indicates that the battery is running low. Depending on the model of your polaroid, new batteries might last for about 100 photos. So, check the number of photos that you have taken.

You can either check the film pack to get an idea of the photos or you can see the film counter on the camera. Remember that not all polaroid cameras have a built-in photo counter.

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You can also take the batteries out and check for corrosion or other damages. If you see any damage, change the batteries and see if the problem still persists. Make sure that the new batteries should comply with the standards set by the company. For example, Fujifilm recommends alkaline batteries for its cameras.

Instax film is jammed

Sometimes, a jammed film can also cause the orange light to flash. Remove the jammed film by:

  • Opening the back cover of the camera and then removing the jammed cartridge.
  • Then carefully and gently pull out the film and then place the back cover.

Remember that the film is light sensitive and if you try to force remove the film, it can be damaged beyond repair.

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Reset the camera

You can reset the camera by holding the reset button for about five seconds. Usually, this button is located near the battery compartment.

Resetting the camera can fix the issue. If the issue, still persists, then you will have to get in touch with the manufacturer and send the camera to the authorised repair shop.

Some common mistakes that you should avoid

There are some common mistakes that you should avoid while handling polaroid cameras. These small mistakes can happen to anyone anywhere.

Here is a list of precautions that you should take:

  • Always check the battery orientation.
  • Do not touch the lens of the camera while taking pictures.
  • You should not cover the Auto Exposure and Flash sensors of the camera to allow the sensors to capture light.
  • If your camera has a selfie function, make sure to turn it off after you have clicked selfies.

We hope that this short article will help you to resolve the orange light flashing on your polaroid camera.

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