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Qlink compatible phones listed

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In today’s world, staying connected is essential for everyone, including those who rely on government assistance programs like Lifeline. Qlink Wireless offers free cell phone plans to eligible low-income households in the United States. Qlink Wireless provides different prepaid mobile phone services, including mobile data networks, voice calls, and text messaging all over the United States. To fully benefit from this service, having a phone compatible with Qlink is important.

In this article, we discussed the phones compatible with Qlink and the BYOP eligibility rules.

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Apple iPhoneSamsungGoogleMotorolaOther Brands
iPhone 5cGalaxy S7 Special EditionGoogle Nexus 5Moto E4Alcatel iDOLTM 5s
iPhone 5sGalaxy S7 Edge Special EditionGoogle Nexus 5X
Moto E4 PlusBLU S1/Vivo S
iPhone 6Galaxy S8Google Nexus 6
Moto G4Essential Phone
iPhone 6 PlusGalaxy S8+Nexus 6P
Moto G4 PlayLG X Charge (Amazon only)
iPhone 6sGalaxy S8 Special EditionPixelMoto G4 PlusOrbic Wonder
iPhone 6s PlusGalaxy S8+ Special EditionPixel XLMoto G5 Plus
iPhone 7 (RED)Galaxy Note 8Pixel 2Moto G5S Plus
iPhone 7 Plus (REDGalaxy Note 8 Special EditionPixel 2 XLMoto X Pure Edition
iPhone 7Moto X4
iPhone 7 PlusMoto Z2 Play
iPhone 8
iPhone 8 Plus
iPhone SE
iPhone X

Click here to check whether your phone s compatible or not and if it is unlocked, through IMEI/MEID Number.

What are the BYOP eligibility rules?

Please note that even if your phone is listed, it does not automatically guarantee eligibility. It is essential to carefully review the BYOP (Bring Your Own Phone) eligibility rules to determine if your specific device qualifies.

  • Before a phone can be eligible, you must fulfil all the contractual and financial obligations with your current provider.
  • If your phone is flagged as lost or stolen, it cannot be eligible. In such cases, you must contact your provider to remove the flag from the phone.
  • Leased phones are not eligible for the program.

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