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What does QWQ mean?

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The online text messages over the internet among people worldwide can be sometimes perceived as non-emotional. This is because they do not elaborate upon the tone used by the sender and can be misinterpreted by the receiver. Therefore, to avoid miscommunication, people use emoticons to communicate their emotions over text messages. Now, emoticons, as we know them, haven’t been around forever. When they weren’t, people used a bunch of alphabets and symbols available within the text library on phones to create emoticons.

Some of these text-based emoticons are still popular and widely used over the internet and in text messages. One such popular emoticons created via alphabets and symbols using a keyboard is the crying face or QWQ.

What does QWQ mean?

When a person using a keyboard enters ‘QWQ’ or ‘qwq’ on a social media platform or text messages, they end up creating a ‘crying face’.

It is used worldwide, and hence, if the emoticon is not generated, they can use this abbreviation to convey the emotion. This crying face is created in a comical and semi-serious way in the form of an emoticon.

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How to use QWQ?

In this abbreviation, both of the Qs depict the tears coming out of the eyes on the face while the W depicts a wiggly and squirm face. It is also used like the other abbreviated emoticons, which depict the Qs as eyes.

Example 1

Person 1Did you win the bet on the game?
Person 2No, sadly I lost QWQ.

Example 2

Person 1Is it important to go out for the meeting?
Person 2Yes it is.
Person 3Don’t go qwq!

Alternative ways to express QWQ

  • Q.Q
  • q.q
  • QQ

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Ishika Aggarwal

Ishika Aggarwal