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What is ‘restricted usage road’ on Google Maps?

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If you have come across a ‘restricted usage road’ on Google maps, you’re not alone. Many apps cannot show the reason for a road to be restricted. This warning can denote multiple scenarios.

In this article, we clear your doubts by decoding this warning and its multiple implications.

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Restricted Usage Road Maps: Explained

Usually, when Google maps places this warning in its route instructions, it is unaware of the reason behind the restriction. This does not mean that you cannot venture forth out into that unknown, you can, and you can also compare from the list given below to cross-check why the road might be restricted:

Reason 1: Size of the vehicle

Your access might be restricted because the road ahead is not suitable for your vehicle, especially if it has more than two wheels. This road might be narrow for your vehicle and only reachable by walk or a two-wheeler. In this case, you can call the place at your destination or any nearby stores visible on the map to get the correct information.

What is 'restricted usage road' on Google Maps?

Reason 2: Roadblock

It might be just a simple (or large) roadblock on the area that has not been updated on Google maps. Another reason for restricted usage may include the unavailability of a proper pathway. It might be a dirt road or full of grass, heading away from the main road.

Reason 3: Private road

The road could be under the ownership of a person or a company. This means that They are probably not in use by the general public. If that is the case, you might need to ask for permission to enter and use the facility. It could be a government property that is not open to the public, like a power station.

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Solution for Restricted Usage

One cannot potentially avoid restricted roads. However, you can prepare for it to reach your destination on time. You can solve this issue by using multiple apps that offer map facilities similar to Google maps. You can get a better idea of why the restriction exists by cross-referencing them. Some apps that you can refer to, among others, are:

  • MapQuest
  • OpenStreetMap
  • Apple Maps
  • Waze
  • Bing Maps
  • OsmAnd
  • HERE WeGo

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