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Sim not provisioned for voice: 5 fixes

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SIM card issues have been around for as long as SIM cards themselves. However, they aren’t the easiest to diagnose and solve. Chances are, if you run into some issue with your SIM, you’re going to have to contact your service provider for assistance.

In this article, we’re talking about the SIM not provisioned for voice error, its causes and a few fixes you can try.

What causes the Sim Not Provisioned for Voice error?

The error is most likely caused by your SIM card not being able to service (or provision) your phone. It’s likely to happen if you’ve just brought a new SIM card and it’s not been activated yet, or maybe if you have a really old card that your network provider has dropped.

In dual-SIM phones, the message can pop up on either of the slots. Your phone will inform you which SIM card is throwing the error but won’t be of much help after that.

A subset of this error is SIM not provisioned for voice. This error deals explicitly with your SIM’s ability to make voice calls using the carrier’s network. If your SIM cannot do that at the moment either due to the SIM being inactive or network unavailability, you’ll see this error.

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How to fix SIM Not Provisioned for Voice error?

Luckily (or unluckily), there’s isn’t a lot that can go wrong on your end in this situation. However, here are a few fixes you can try out to possibly resolve the issue.

Restart your phone

The first thing you should try out in such situations is to restart your phone. Restarting can take care of many seemingly random issues, especially if they deal with network or SIM issues. You can also try toggling airplane mode on and off.

Check the SIM

Next up is a physical inspection of the SIM card to ensure that it doesn’t have any damage that might hamper the connection between the SIM card and the tray in your phone. You should also check whether or not the SIM card fits the tray correctly and touches the metal contacts inside.

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It’s also not bad to clean the card with a cloth to remove any dust from the metal contacts. Feel free to check your SIM in another phone, too, just if there’s a problem with your phone’s SIM slots.

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Check your SIM’s activation

If you have just bought a new SIM, more often than not, it’ll automatically activate itself in about 24 hours. However, if it doesn’t, try reaching your to your carrier for support regarding activation.

Most cards require you to either send a text message to a particular number, call an automated activation line or log into the carrier’s website. However, depending on your service carrier, your activation process might be completely different.

Contact your SIM carrier

If activation isn’t the issue on your SIM card either, it’s time to call your carrier and describe the problem to them. After all, they’re in charge of the network and, in turn, your SIM. It’s pretty likely that your carrier will have some solution ready and will be able to diagnose your issue correctly as well.

Get a new SIM card

Lastly, if nothing else works, you can either request a new SIM card from the same carrier or switch carriers altogether using a different carrier’s SIM card. If your phone supports it, getting an eSIM might be a pretty good idea as you don’t have to worry about things like physical damage to the SIM card or dust getting into the contacts or the SIM caddy.

These five fixes should help you resolve the Sim not provisioned for voice error.

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