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Top 7 sites like YouTube

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Youtube provides a medium for people to watch, upload comment, share or like videos uploaded by others. It boasts not only one of the biggest audience but also arguably the most influential creator community. However, if you’re getting overwhelmed by the content and creators on Youtube and want to try something else, here are the 7 top sites like YouTube that you must check out.


Even though Wistia is not a hot spot for watching videos, it is certainly leading in videos with video marketing campaigns due to the in-depth analysis, wide array of embedding, autoplay, and customisation options available.

It is a simple to use platform that allows converting videos and podcasts into marketing machines.

You can visit Wistia here

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Dailymotion has a similar interface to Youtube. With a fairly flexible copyright policy, Dailymotion leads the user to trend videos on the homepage, just like Youtube. Creators can earn money through ads and paywalls.

You can visit Dailymotion here


Consistently and widely popular among filmmakers and artists, Vimeo has always been on the top of the charts when Youtube alternatives are discussed and the company started to build out just that — a better version of Youtube. However, they pivoted to assisting creators make the most of their video tools and went public earlier this month too.

Vimeo is home to an audience that is interested in quality videos and creativity from budding as well as established artists.

You can visit Vimeo here

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Metacafe is an entertainment website that is surprisingly even older than Youtube. Established in 2003, it specialises in short videos that users create. It also showcases the top trending categories and provides the option to check out the most popular and latest videos.

You can visit Metacafe here


A strong contender to Vimeo in this list of sites like Youtube, Instagram TV or popularly known as IGTV, focuses on videos for mobile users revolving around entertainment or a relevant trending topic at the time.

You can visit IGTV here

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Twitch is the leading live streaming of games website. However, over the past year the platform has become home to an increasing number of streamers who make content for varying categories of users. Much like Youtube, it also features live chat sections and allows donations to creators.

You can visit Twitch here


Vevo is a video entertainment site comprising music videos. It is one of the largest premium music video provider globally. Vevo’s videos often surface on Youtube and are usually one of the more popular music tracks. It is a great website to connect fans to the artists and the world of music with exclusive content.

You can visit Vevo here

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Ishika Aggarwal

Ishika Aggarwal