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Is Skyinexpress safe? Is it legit?

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Are you Considering Skyinexpress for your international shipping needs? While the company offers cargo tracking on its website, its limited online presence raises questions about its legitimacy and safety.

Here, we discuss Skyinexpress, whether it is safe and legit, and a few recommendations for those considering using It.

What is Skyinexpress?

Skyinexpress is a logistics company that offers international cargo and courier services. While not as widely recognised as some larger international delivery companies, they appear to focus on global cargo and courier services. Information about the company itself is limited online.

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Is Skyinexpress Safe and Legit?

There is limited information readily available to definitively say whether Skyinexpress is safe or not. Here’s what we do know:

  • Website: Skyinexpress does have a website with a cargo tracking function, which gives some legitimacy to their operations.
  • Limited online presence: There are very few online reviews or readily available information about Skyinexpress, making it difficult to gauge its reputation and service quality.
  • Transparency: The lack of in-depth information about the company, its services, and customer experiences raises some questions about transparency.
  • Rating and reviews: Skyinexpress got a 48.7/ 100 score on the Scam detector, which is a pretty low score, you need to be cautious when visiting the website.

Therefore, while Skyinexpress might be a legitimate company, due to the limited information available online, exercising caution when considering using their services is advisable.

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Here are some recommendations when considering using Skyinexpress:

  • Conduct thorough research: Try searching for more information about the company online, including customer reviews on independent platforms, forums, or social media.
  • Seek alternative options: Compare Skyinexpress with other established and reputable international shipping companies.
  • Verify credentials: If possible, check for any relevant certifications or memberships in recognised logistics organisations.
  • Contact directly: Reach out to Skyinexpress directly through their website or other provided contact channels to ask specific questions about their services and safety measures.

It’s always best to choose a shipping company with a transparent and established online presence, positive customer reviews, and clear information about their services and licensing.

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