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How does Snapchat order best friends?

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Snapchat is one of the most popular messaging apps around at the moment. The app lets people communicate through photos and videos called snaps and has gamified communication with friends to quite an extent.

The top eight people that you talk to on Snapchat are labelled your best friends. But how exactly does Snapchat order these best friends? Read on to find out.

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6 factors that affect Snapchat best friends list order

As mentioned before, the top eight people you talk to the most on the app are considered your best friends. This is indicated by a smiley emoticon next to their name in your list, and it keeps updating regularly. 

The Snapchat algorithm keeps an eye on all your interactions and ranks your friends accordingly. Things like streaks, messages, voice notes and, of course, snaps are all considered when ordering your best friends.

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You also don’t control this list in any shape or form. Just because someone is on your best friends’ list doesn’t mean you’re on theirs as well. You can’t remove someone from your best friends’ list either. What you can do, however, is play around with the algorithm to get whoever you want on your best friends list. 

Here are six factors that affect Snapchat best friends list order.

The Snaps you send

You can send two types of snaps — red and purple, meaning photos and videos, respectively. The more red snaps you send to someone, the higher your combined snap score will increase. This is a big factor in determining who’s your best friend and, subsequently, in determining where they show up on the best friends list. 

The number of messages you send

Apart from sending snaps, you can also send text messages, voice notes, pictures from your camera roll, stickers, and GIFs, among other things. How often you message someone and how much also impacts where they appear on your best friends’ list. 

The number of friends you have

The number of friends you have on Snapchat and how many people you talk to regularly also play an important role. The more people you talk to, the lower the possibility of one specific person appearing on your best friends’ list and hence, the more you’ll have to snap that specific person. 


As mentioned before, streaks are an essential part of the Snapchat experience and how the app determines who’s close to you. If you have a particularly long streak with someone, there’s a good chance that they’ll show up on your best friends’ list. However, just because you have an enormous streak with someone doesn’t guarantee their spot. Someone with a smaller streak but communication can often rank higher than them. 

Replies to storys

Snapchat was one of the first apps to integrate stories into their platform. Your mutual engagement with someone’s story is also a determining factor in their rank on your best friends list. 

Recent communication

Lastly, how recently you’ve talked to someone also impacts their rank. You can have a long-running streak with someone, but if you send them one message every two months compared to someone you’re texting on Snapchat every day can mean they rank lower on your friend list. 

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CT Editorial Team