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How to fix Steam error code 118?

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Steam is by far one of the most popular PC gaming platforms to ever exist. The game library is huge and the social features make for an overall fulfilling experience. 

However, just like with every other piece of software, Steam also experiences its fair share of bugs and glitches. In this article, we’re talking about the Steam Error Code 118, its reasons and how you can fix the problem.

What causes the Steam error 118?

Steam error 118 is mostly caused by connection issues on your end. However, there are other reasons that can trigger the error as well. 

  • Steam is being blocked by the Windows firewall.
  • Low internet bandwidth/inactive internet connection.
  • Third-party background applications interfereing with Steam.
  • Virus or malware on your PC.

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How to fix Steam error code 118?

Try any of these solutions to fix the problem. 

Power cycle your router

Restarting your router can fix a bunch of seemingly random issues with your network, which could, in turn, be causing problems with Steam. If you don’t have internet connectivity or an active connection, you’re going to get such issues on Steam.

So try restarting your router to rule out any network issues that may be causing problems.

Check Steam servers

Another thing you should do is check whether or not the service itself is working or not. Steam is used by millions across the globe, and the occasional outage here and there isn’t anything surprising. 

You can use this page to check Steam’s server status. 

Check the Windows Firewall

At this point it’s also a good idea to check whether your Windows Firewall is blocking Steam’s connection to its servers. If your firewall is improperly set up or has blocked Steam, it won’t be able to connect giving you this error. 

Check out our detailed guide to know how to unblock programs from the Windows Firewall.

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Clear the Steam browser cache

Clearing the Steam browser’s cache can also help resolve such errors.

Step 1: Open Steam, click on Steam in the top-right menu and click Settings. 

Steam friends network unreachable: 5 Fixes | Candid.Technology

Step 2: Head over to the Web Browser section and press the Delete Web Browser Cache and the Delete All Browser Cookies buttons. 

Steam friends network unreachable: 5 Fixes | Candid.Technology

Now restart Steam, and it should be able to connect just fine.

Scan for malware

Scanning for any possible malware and removing any found can also help get rid of the issue. Often, malware will block a program’s access to a resource it needs to start triggering a runtime error.

Disable any third-party programs

If you’ve got any third-party programs that interact with Steam or any of your Steam games, it’s a good idea to check whether or not they’re interfering with Steam’s functionality. Try disabling them and restarting your PC to see if Steam works. This should resolve the Steam error code 118.

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