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Telegram icons and symbols explained

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Telegram is one of the more popular internet messaging apps around in the world primarily hailed for its security features and ability to create large-scale groups and channels. While the app’s user interface is rather simple, you will come across several icons that you might not understand. 

In this article, we’re talking about all the Telegram icons and symbols you need to know about. 

Telegram main screen icons

These are the icons you’ll see on the main Telegram screen. 

Hamburger menuThis opens up the main Telegram profile and settings menu
Search icon This lets you quickly search through contacts and chats
Pin icon inside a circleThis appears in front of any pinned chats
Slashed loudspeaker This appears in front of any muted chats
Number in front of any chat or groupThis shows the number of unread messages in that particular chat
Pencil icon inside a circleUsed to quickly start a new chat, group, secret chat or channel. After tapping once it converts into a contact-adding button

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DM and Group icons

Here are all the icons that you might see when messaging someone either individually or in a group. 

Single green checkThis means that your message has been sent to the Telegram servers and the recipient has been notified
Double green checksThis means that the recipient has read your message
Red exclamation markThis indicates that your message couldn’t be sent after trying for five minutes
Eye icon with a numberThis indicates the approximate number of views on your message. Only visible in groups
Emoji iconOpens the emoji menu
Slash icon in a boxOpens the bot command window
Paper clipThis is the attachment button, used to add media files to a message
Mic iconOpens up the voice note interface
Down arrow with numberShows the number of unread messages in the group or chat. Tapping it will take you to the latest message

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