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Top 3 text-to-speech apps for Android

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Top 3 text-to-speech apps for Android

Text to speech apps is a blessing from modern technology. For instance, it helps you listen to the news, messages, E-books or your favourite article after a long tiring day in the comfort of your bed while you rest your eyes. It is also a beneficial tool for the visually impaired or elders who have trouble reading off a tiny screen.

So, without further delay here are our top three text-to-speech apps for android.

Android’s native text-to-speech feature

Top 3 text-to-speech apps for Android

Price: Free

Android has a ton of accessibility features baked into the OS as standard and text-to-speech is one of them.

The feature has less customizability compared to others on the list. You can adjust the speech rate and pitch and install additional languages.

But if you want a no-frills straightforward reader, Android’s native text-to-speech feature comes highly recommended.

To enable this feature, go to Settings —Accessibility —> Text-to-speech output  —> Select to speak. Once done you will notice a floating pop-up which you can use to activate the Speech feature.

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Narrator’s voice

Top 3 text-to-speech apps for Android

Price: Free/Ad-supported

Narrator’s voice is a unique text-to-speech app. It features many voices including former US president Barack Obama and characters from the popular sitcom Friends. It also has support for various languages including English UK, US, and India.

Better yet the app allows you to customise the effects and export the recordings to your friends too.

You can find the Narrator’s voice here.

@Voice Aloud Reader

Top 3 text-to-speech apps for Android

Price: Free/Ad-supported

@Voice Aloud Reader is a simple yet robust text-to-speech app which can be used to read any format of text form almost any source you choose. When you see a document you wish to listen to just share it to the app — it’s imported and ready to be read. You can also customise the rate, pitch, and volume of the voice.

You can find @Voice Aloud Reader here.

We hope that these apps would make your life a little bit easier and allows you to spend more time doing things you care about other than staring at a tiny screen while reading things that can be read to you with the help of these apps.

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Mani Maaran