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What does “We’re sorry the mobile subscriber cannot be reached” mean?

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If you are wondering why your friend is not reachable, fret not; you have come to the right place. Let us decode together why we hear that a person is not reachable at times when we call them — there may be a multitude of reasons behind their unreachability.

In this article, we try to list the reasons behind the recorded error message “we’re sorry the mobile subscriber cannot be reached” to help you pinpoint the 0ne that sits perfectly within your scenario.

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The subscriber cannot be reached: Reasons

As mentioned before, there may be several reasons why someone might be unreachable. Let us discuss some of them:

Reason 1: Off the grid

The person you are trying to has probably switched off their phone. This means that they are either busy or their device’s battery ran out. Their phone could also be in airplane/flight mode. You may also hear a pre-recorded message of the number being switched off in this case.

Reason 2: Out of area

There is also a possibility that the person you are dialling is out of network coverage area. This means that they are in an area where their phone cannot find a signal that can connect them to you. Try calling them again after a while if this happens.

Reason 3: Unserviceable/Deactivated

The number you are dialling might be unserviceable; that is, it is no longer in use. If this is the case, you may have to try and reach the person through other means. The person you are trying to reach may have discontinued their number and switched to a new number.

Reason 4: You’ve been blocked

Maybe you have been blocked; it seems harsh but is a possibility. Another way of confirming this option is when you hear beep-like dial tones or their number seems busy every time you call them.

Tips to reach through

  • If you cannot reach the person, you can try an alternate number.
  • You can also try and change your position to see if it is your phone that’s not getting appropriate signal strength.
  • Turn your flight mode on and off once to check if you are in an area with good connectivity.

If you think you may have been blocked, then there is no point in contacting them. However, to confirm your gut feeling, try calling them from a different phone number. If your gut feeling is true, move on.

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