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What do the icons on Tinder mean?

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Tinder is one of the most famous and most used dating apps, which is used by millions of users. It is famous for its swipe-and-match feature. Tinder allows you to match with the people around your area and you can match with people around the world through its passport location feature.

Tinder offers different paid subscriptions which are Tinder Plus, Tinder Gold and Tinder Platinum, all of these subscriptions give the user access to some unique features.

In this article, we have discussed different icons on the tinder app and their uses on the Tinder app or site.

Below we have explained various icons on Tinder.

  1. Icons on the Tinder’s Panel
  2. Icons on Tinder’s Profile Discovery page
  3. Icons on your Profile page
  4. Icons in your Tinder chats

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Icons on the Tinder’s Panel

Below we have explained the various icons on Tinder’s main panel:

Discovery icon

Tinder’s discovery icon will take you to the discovery page of the Tinder app.

Explore icon

Tinder’s explore icon will take you to the explore page, explore tab shows you the categories based on your interests and categories based on your profile.

Top Picks icon

When you tap on Tinder’s top picks icon, it will take you to the page where you can see the top picks that tinder has picked for you based on your interests and you can see the likes you got and the likes you have sent but you need Tinder Gold subscription to see them otherwise you will see blurred profiles only.

Chatbox icon

As the name suggests, tapping on the chatbox icon will open your chats on the Tinder app and you can also see the likes and new matches you got on the chatbox page.

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Icons on Tinder’s Profile Discovery page

Below we have explained the various icons on the profile discovery page of Tinder:

Green heart/Like/Swipe right icon

The Green heart icon is used to give a like to a profile you liked, if you tap on the green heart icon while viewing a profile it will give a like to that profile and if the other person also did the same then you both will be matched. The other way to like a profile is to swipe right on a profile.

Red cross/Dislike/Swipe left icon

If you don’t like a profile then you can tap on the Red cross icon or you can swipe left on the profile. If you do that then the other person will not match with you even if they swiped you right.

Blue star/Super like icon

If you tap the Super like icon on a profile then that means you are sending a super like to that profile, which increases the chances of your matching with them and your profile will be shown to the other user on their likes page. Keep in mind you get limited super likes, so use them wisely.

Purple lightning/Boost icon

Tapping on the Boost icon will boost your profile which means your profile will be shown to other users first before any other non-boosted profile, hence more people will see your profile and you get better chances of getting good matches. You get one boost when you purchase Tinder Gold Subscription and with other subscriptions too and if you don’t have any subscription then you have to buy boosts separately.

Rewind icon

If you mistakenly swiped left on a profile and you want to look at the profile again then you can tap on the Rewind icon to get that profile back for swiping. You will need to purchase a subscription plan for tinder to use this feature.

Interests icon

The Interests icon is present just beside the name of the user, tapping on this icon will open the interests and other details about the person.

Triple dot icon

When you tap on the Interest icon, the Triple dot icon also comes up. Tapping on the Triple dot icon will open a drop-down in which you will get the Share profile and report options.

Down arrow icon

The Down arrow icon will take you back to the profile discovery.

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Icons on your Profile page

Below we have explained the various icons on your profile page:

Settings icon

The Settings icon will open your profile settings. You can manage the discovery location and age and more.

Edit Profile icon

Tapping on the Edit profile icon will take you to your profile details where you can edit your details like pictures, bio and more.

Safety icon

Tapping on the Safety icon will take you to the safety centre of Tinder where you can find various things about Tinder safety protocols.

Verified Blue tick icon

The Verified blue tick icon helps other users know that you have completed the verification, in verification tinder asks you to click one to two selfies with different poses and it verifies with your profile pictures and then gives you a verified blue tick. If you haven’t verified your profile then it will be shown as grey instead of blue, you can tap on the icon to start the profile verifying process.

Icons in your Tinder chats

Below we have explained the various icons on your Tinder chats:

Video call icon

As the name and icon suggest, by tapping on the video call icon then you can do a video call with your match but for that, you both must enable the video call option.

Shield/Safety Toolkit icon

If you want to unmatch or report the person then you can tap on the Sheild or Safety Toolkit icon which will open the drop-down menu and gives you the option to unmatch and report the person.

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