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Top 5 FPS games for PC

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Top 5 First-person shooter games for PC

FPS gaming is most probably the biggest PC gaming genre. Almost every PC gamer has played an FPS game at some point in their life.

In fact, most PC gamers (myself included) are reluctant to switch to a console just because a controller is not as responsive as a mouse when it comes to shooting.

In this article, we bring you the top five FPS games on PC that you should definitely try.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Top 5 First-person shooter games for PC | Candid.TechnologyStarting off with the classics, CS: GO is no doubt the most popular FPS game ever. The game is extremely balanced in terms of gameplay mechanics and realism.

The community is always active and Valve keeps on adding new things to the game time to time. The graphics are good, matchmaking is amazing, good social features, runs on almost every PC, CS: GO is the perfect game if you’re looking to get into FPS.

The game is also available cross-platform on PC, macOS and Linux. The price also isn’t too high on this one.

To be fair, CS: GO has been around for a really long time now and has matured a lot from its initial stages. Nevertheless, it is still an extremely popular game.

You can get Counter-Strike: Global Offensive here.

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Battlefield 5

Top 5 First-person shooter games for PC | Candid.TechnologyThe latest entry in the Battlefield series is without a doubt its greatest ever. Battlefield 5 features a gripping single player campaign that takes the player through some of the lesser known battles of the Second World War.

The gameplay is balanced and the movement mechanics have been completely reworked this time. All these changes give the game a really refreshed look and feel.

Talking about looks, the graphics on this game are gorgeous. Yes it’ll take a mammoth PC to run this, and some of the most demanding features like ray tracing won’t even run without a 2080Ti, but running 60FPS 4K with ultra graphics, it is heaven.

The multiplayer has also been revamped. In addition to the existing game modes, you also get a battle royale mode. Overall, an amazing experience.

You can get Battlefield 5 here

Far Cry 5

Top 5 First-person shooter games for PC | Candid.TechnologyThe latest entry to the Far Cry series, which was released earlier this year is also amongst the best FPS games released this year.

Far Cry 5 takes you through the beautiful hills and grasslands of hope county in a mesmerising single-player campaign that’ll keep you coming back for more.

The game has so much to do apart from the main campaign missions, so many side-quests and challenges to take on; you’re not gonna run out of things to do anytime soon.

The graphics are out of the world, the performance is also great. The game has balanced shooting mechanics which make it a breeze to play and enjoy. It also features coop gameplay.

You can get Far Cry 5 here

OverKill’s The Walking Dead

Top 5 First-person shooter games for PC | Candid.TechnologyAre you a fan of The Walking Dead series? Well then rejoice! Even if you aren’t, OverKill’s The Walking Dead is a gripping FPS zombie shooter that’s like no game you’ve ever played before.

The game takes place is a post-apocalyptic zombie world where the player teams up with other survivors to fight zombies and humans alike. The single player campaign takes you through a gripping story of survival in a cruel world. The graphics are quite realistic and the gameplay mechanics, shooting, physics etc are well in place.

The game also features a co-op mode where you can play the single-player campaign with other human players as well as a multiplayer mode too.

You can get OverKill’s The Walking Dead here

Insurgency: SandStorm

Top 5 First-person shooter games for PC | Candid.TechnologyThis one is for the serious players on the block. Insurgency: SandStorm is a realistic FPS shooter set in a modern world setting. The game features massive multiplayer matches of up to 64 players battling for various objectives on a number of well-designed maps.

The game is more focused on being realistic than fun. There’s no HUD, no ammo count, no health bar or so on. You don’t even respawn if you die in some game modes.

This game is all about using everything you got to your advantage and finally beating the enemy. Yes, it can get frustrating at times, but the reward is always satisfying. The game released recently on December 12.

You can get Insurgency: StandStorm here


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