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How to get better at CSGO (Counter Strike Global Offensive)?

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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) is arguably the most popular FPS game of the current era. The game is easy to learn yet difficult to master. The learning curve is steep but it can get annoying at times.

As fun as this game is, it can quickly turn into a very frustrating experience. If you’re getting killed again and again by the same player, or perhaps you’ve been losing several rounds in a row, it’s very easy to lose your patience.

Such incidents turn some people into hackers. They use external software to gain a tactical advantage over their opponents. These hacks, are sometimes hard to detect and sometimes just outright disgusting.

Therefore in this post, we bring hacks, that can get you banned on CS:GO if you’re found using them. We also bring you hacks and pro tips that can help you get good at the game.

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Hacks that help you get better at CSGO

CS:GO: Hacks that get you banned vs hacks that help you out; tips & tricks
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Just because some playing around with the game is illegal doesn’t mean all of it is. Here are several tweaks that you can make (which don’t exist in the game by default) to help you get better –

Set custom control binds using scripts

You can do a ton of innovative custom bindings with the help of some custom scripts which otherwise isn’t available in the CS:GO. Most of the common scripts are readily available in form of Valve guides and websites like GameBanana

For example, I use a script that binds the ‘Q’ key to switching only between my primary and secondary weapon. By default, the game sets Q to switch between your primary weapon and the last used weapon.

This is mostly based on personal preference, some prefer the default number keys or some like their own binds. In my opinion, using Q to switch is the easiest and fastest.

Use situational scripts

The best example of this can be given in the form of various clutch scripts that are out there. These scripts mute out your teammates and increase the in-game volume at the press of a key to help you win those clutches.

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5 tips and tricks to get better at CSGO

CS:GO: Hacks that get you banned vs hacks that help you out; tips & tricks
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Enough of the dark side, time for some fair play now. Here are some tips and tricks that you can use to get better at CS:GO

Remember, just because you have a dope gaming mouse or you can switch to your pistol faster doesn’t make you good or bad. Getting good takes time, effort and a certain amount of commitment to the game.

Practice a lot

Yeah, the same old mantra. Bottom line is, the more you play the game the better you’ll get at it. Personally speaking, I’ve put 850+ hours in the game and I’m still slightly above average.

The rest of the methods on this list are only going to tell you how to ‘optimise’ your practice time. Again, practice and consistency are the two foundations you’ll build your CS:GO skillset on.

Play DeathMatch

Playing deathmatch is hands down the quickest method to get good at the game. In deathmatch, there are no objectives, no missions and no downtime after you die.

It’s a great way to learn the basics of CS gunplay. You can experiment with different guns and learn different recoil patterns.

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Get your settings in order

Play around with the controls and other settings like audio and video. Your FPS (frames per second) is essential for the game. Ensure that you are getting at least 60 FPS+ at all times in the game.

You can also try lowering your mouse DPI. Most pros play at around 400 DPI. I personally use 800. It basically boils down to what suits you best. Still, a lower DPI is suggested as it makes your mouse precise.

You could also play around with the audio settings to find what works best for you. Also, optimize the controls to your liking.

Watch Pro Streams

Pro gamers usually stream their practice sessions on platforms like Twitch and YouTube. Watching these streams can help you understand your mistakes better. You’ll learn things no written guide will teach you. Learning when to reload, where to aim and map callouts is pretty easy when you’re watching someone else play.

Pay attention to how they move, their crosshair placement, how they communicate with their teammates, how they react under stress and every other detail that you can find.

A healthy mix of watching the game and practising it will really help you get good quick.

Learn your nades

Smokes, flashes and grenades are a crucial part of the CS:GO gameplay. Learning how to use them properly is essential to winning a game.

Almost all maps in CS:GO have spots where you can throw smokes to block entry/exit points. It is advisable to learn all these smokes/flashes and most importantly, to actually use them.

So go on and conquer the game, and remember, always keep your aim at head height!


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4 things that’ll get you banned in CSGO

CS:GO: Hacks that get you banned vs hacks that help you out; tips & tricks

Hacks that are generally external software and utilise loopholes in the game to give the user a tactical advantage are the ones that can get you kicked or banned. These hacks are divided into the following categories.


Perhaps the most common type of hacking in CounterStrike, WallHacks give you the ability to see your opponents through walls. You can see opponent hitboxes, grenade throws and so on from even the other side of the map. Clean no?

No! Most WallHacks are detected by VAC (Valve Anti-Cheat) and if found running on your PC, you will immediately be banned from the game. If the hack you’re using is not detected yet, chances are someone will report you as suspicious and Valve may review your account. Again, if judged guilty, you will be banned.


Aimbots or Triggerbots are another very common type of hacks. These hacks can improve your accuracy by snapping to a target on the screen automatically. They can also fire automatically as soon as a target enters your crosshair, thus ‘improving’ reaction times.

Again, most of these hacks have been detected and banned by VAC. If you’re using a version not detected by VAC, there’s always Overwatch to hunt you down.

ESP Hacks

ESP stands for Extra-Sensory Perception hacks. As the name suggests, these hacks can improve your perception of the game in various ways. You can get enhanced footstep sounds, ammo and/or health count of the enemy and so on.

These hacks are not as popular as wallhacks or aimbots because they do not necessarily provide you with an undue advantage. Regardless, using them is considered hacking and probably won’t end well for your account.

Mobility Hacks

Last but not least, we have mobility hacks. Again as the name suggests, these hacks can improve your movement speed, allow ghosting (walking through walls) and noclip (gun never runs out of ammo) and even teleport you to another spot on the map.

These hacks, however, have been almost completely removed from the game except on community servers where they are explicitly allowed.

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