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Top 7 Gaming Rigs money can buy

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Console gaming vs computer gaming is a comparison often made; each set of devices has its pros and its cons. While consoles come at a fixed price with a small variety in prices, PCs or laptops or gaming rigs for the matter have a wide array available.

This article will cover some of the best devices one can buy for gaming — both laptops and PC.

Some crucial choices you need to consider

Since you are out in the market to buy a computer/laptop with the primary purpose of gaming, there are certain factors you need to consider while buying –

  • Processor: For gaming try to get an Intel i5 chip as the bare minimum (you can also use an AMD equivalent).
  • Graphics: The 1050 series of graphics card should be the weakest that you could consider. The introduction of the 1650 and following series will now provide more significant variations.
  • SSD: What is a gaming rig without an SSD? SSD’s allow for faster boot and load times making the entire system feel snappy and the waiting period to play a game – incredibly short.

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Top 7 gaming rigs

Asus ROG Mothership

Top 7 gaming rigs money can buy in 2019 | Candid.TechnologyThe Asus ROG Mothership redefines portable gaming scene. It looks similar to All-In-One PCs, and some may even mistake it for one.

It bridges away from the traditional way to open and close a laptop. The laptop has a stand that sits in the main unit (provides support and place for air transfer) and a keyboard that unfolds instead the display moving up like in a typical laptop.

It runs a full-size GPU and not Nvidia’s Max-Q line and has a detachable keyboard; all made possible due to its unique design.

The pricing for this line is undisclosed, but it is set to be launched along with Intel’s new processors this year. You can find out more about the Mothership here.

Corsair One i160

Top 7 gaming rigs money can buy in 2019 | Candid.Technology

Most PC’s with the specs being covered in this article tend to be ones that make a lot of sounds and have fans whirring at top speed to maintain performance, but the Corsair One i160 is different.

It comes in at $3599 and offers the latest specifications like Nvidia’s RTX 2080Ti and Intel’s i9 processor. It has a lower end model known as the i140 and a workstation grade one known as the i180.

The design of this PC is one that is subtle, and it just fits into any room due to its compact size. You can learn more about this PC on its configuration page here.

HP Omen Obelisk

Top 7 gaming rigs money can buy in 2019 | Candid.TechnologyHewlett Packard’s Omen line up has been one that has recently been pumping out some great competition to the gaming computer out in the world, and the Obelisk is one that joins the party as well.

The HP Omen Obelisk like most other high-end PC’s out there, offers Nvidia’s RTX line of graphics card and pairs that with an Intel i7 processor.

With gaming PC’s most manufactures always go overkill in terms of looks and offer different RGB settings and designs that are not simple but in case of the Obelisk, HP has decided to go with a minimalistic approach.

It gives up on features such as liquid cooling and different RGB lighting options to save on cost. You can read more about the Obelisk on HP’s website here.

Razer Blade Pro

Top 7 gaming rigs money can buy in 2019 | Candid.TechnologyWhen the Blade 15 was launched, Razer introduced a brand new design language for their laptops and the slim, sleek and matte black look made its way to the larger 17-inch Pro too, which sells for $2499.

Razer Blade 17 Pro was announced only a few days ago, and it comes decked with Intel’s latest 9th generation CPU’s. The computer comes with configurations that include the RTX 2060 up to to the RTX 2080 Max-Q

The look of the laptop is one that has gone under the greatest the overhaul with the display now having thinner bezels and the trackpad being moved to its traditional position. You can find out more about the Pro here.

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XPS 15

Top 7 gaming rigs money can buy in 2019 | Candid.TechnologyYou might be wondering as to what an ultrabook is doing in this kind of an article, the sole reason it has made it here is because of its graphical capabilities.

If you work in the corporate world, you are bound to know about the reliability of the Dell XPS line of laptops. They’re fast, provide a great experience and have long-lasting battery life.

Dell had introduced the GTX 1050Ti as a graphics card option last year and this year they’ve gone and upped it to GTX 1650 making this a great laptop for someone who wants to enter the world of gaming while also having a laptop that can help with their desk job.

The model with the graphics card starts at $1399 and comes along with an Intel i7 processor. You can find out more about the XPS line-up here.

Razer Blade 15

Razer Blade 15 gaming laptop 2019: Price and featuresRazer Blade 15 is the second laptop from the company that has made it into this article. The upgraded 4K OLED display on the Advanced variant and its thin chassis makes it all the more desirable.

It has two models one being the Advanced and the other being the base. The Advanced offers an even thinner exterior while losing some ports but it does bring with it a 240Hz FHD display rather than the 144Hz FHD on the base model.

Both versions have been refreshed to include the 9th gen Intel I-series chips (up to the i7), and while the Base supports the RTX 2060, the Advanced goes up to the RTX 2080 Max-Q.

It starts at $1999 and more about these laptops can be found over here.

Origin Genesis

Top 7 gaming rigs money can buy in 2019 | Candid.TechnologyUntil now among all the PC’s covered in the article, the XPS is the weakest but most practical for a new gamer, the Mothership is the unique one and the Corsair the most powerful, but the Origin Genesis PC beats out all of them with the customisability it offers, which brings with it exclusive and overpowered flair.

This PC is probably what defines the article the best because one can go on splurging on this device — dual graphics cards and a fancy cooling system along with a case that can be customised to look how you want.

You can check out their site here and customise a computer according to your wishes.

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