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 5 best navigation apps for Android

Navigation has become a lot easier after the advent of GPS enabled phones. They have become accessible to the masses with the help of smartphones, especially the more popular choice — Android.

Typically, when you think about navigation on an Android Google’s Maps is first to come to mind. But recently many third-party apps have stepped up their game.

Here we’ve listed the top five navigation apps for Android, which you can count on when you’re in need for directions.

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Top 5 Google Map alternatives for Android every traveller should check out

Price: Free (Contains Ads)

The Google-owned navigation app, Waze is an excellent choice for urban dwellers. It offers traffic updates in real-time, including a neat feature it is well-known for — its live notification on police and hazards on your route. Waze relies on other drivers for its data — basically, they crowdsource the map — so unless it’s a popular app in your area you may not get such detailed updates.

You can find Waze here.


Top 5 Google Map alternatives for Android every traveller should check out

Price: Free (Contains Ads)

With over 22+ million installs Here WeGo is one of the most popular apps on this list and for a good reason. Here WeGo offers offline maps, bike routes, voice assistance, and public transport in a neat and easy to use interface.

You can find HERE WeGo here

MapmyIndia Move

Top 5 Google Map alternatives for Android every traveller should check out

Price: Free

If you’re from India, you can choose MapmyIndia Move. It offers a host of features such as dynamic navigation (Beta), information about local businesses (similar to Google maps), trip reports, traffic updates, live location sharing, automatic night mode, speed alert, and even a find my phone feature.

You can find MapmyIndia Move here


Top 5 Google Map alternatives for Android every traveller should check out

Price: Free/In-App purchases

Sygic is another popular GPS navigation app used by millions around the world. Its USP is their association with TomTom, the navigation giant for their offline maps data. Among the standard bells and whistles, Sygic also offers pedestrian GPS and points of interest for travellers too which you can use to explore your destination.

You can find Sygic here


Top 5 Google Map alternatives for Android every traveller should check out

Price: Free (Contains Ads)

If you’re the type, which explores a lot, MAPS.ME is your perfect companion. MAPS.ME offers many detailed points of interest (POI) with popular tourist destinations powered by their “OpenStreetMaps” initiative. It is also available offline to help you save some battery and data charges. MAPS.ME also offers hotel books directly from their app.

You can find MAPS.ME here

Since we have covered our top navigation apps, here are some tips to help you navigate smoothly.

Tips for a smoother travelling experience

  • Plan: If you are in an unfamiliar environment it’s always better to plan your trip check routes for any obstructions or hazards you’ll never know what you’ll face.
  • Download your route offline: To save on battery and data it’s better to download your course offline.
  • When in doubt ask someone: Although navigation maps have come a long way, they are not 100% accurate. Sometimes you will get stuck somewhere ask around. The locals often more than not will be more than happy to point you in the right path.
  • Keep an eye on road signs: When you are out, keep an eye on the road signs make sure they correlate with your route.
  • Plan refreshment stops ahead: Almost all the apps offers the options to add stops with your route use them wisely.
  • Always add a buffer time: The roads are unpredictable so pre-plan some buffer time with your stops and destination to avoid disappointment.

Hoping our list of the top five navigation apps for Android and some tips can help make your trip smoother and possibly safer. Happy Tripping!

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Featured image by Isaac Mehegan

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