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Tor vs VPN: Which one is better?

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Privacy is often elevated as a significant factor during web browsing. You may have noticed the various cookies or bots that track your search engine activity and advertise accordingly. Maybe privacy is not really in our stars, or is it? With a Tor web browser or VPN, an encrypted and secure tunnel is provided, allowing safe and private browsing.

However, what is the difference between the two, and which one should you choose? The following topics are covered in this article as well as on our YouTube channel.

Check out our videos on the same topic in English and Hindi.
YouTube video

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What is Tor?

Usually used for anonymous browsing, the name stands for ‘The onion router’. Tor consists of multiple volunteer nodes. After downloading the Tor browser on any of your devices, use the search engine on this browser; it will take you through those volunteer nodes. Your query passes through the computer servers of multiple Tor users and comes out at the end of a random volunteer node called the exit node.

Like an onion, the more people use this browser, the better the privacy ensured. Every user adds a layer of security to this network. It is free and keeps your identity anonymous. Watch our video on YouTube for more information.

What is VPN?

VPN stands for Virtual Private Network and offers a faultless tunnelling journey through a relay server located randomly worldwide. As the name suggests, your search is sent to a server located somewhere around the world, this changes your IP address. A tunnel inside of your internet connection allows you to browse restricted or hidden content, providing safety from censorship.

VPN provides a fast and seamless browsing experience as data travels through fewer nodes when compared with Tor. It is also easy to set up on any of your devices. It is considered the best for daily use. For more information, you can always watch our YouTube video for the same.

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Comparison: Tor vs VPN

When compared, you might find VPN a more reliable app on all your devices for everyday use. However, Tor can be used to access the dark web in complete anonymity. The points given below highlight some of these differences.

TorCompletely free.

Multi-layer anonymity.

Effective with more users.

Unable to function outside of the onion browser.

Sketchy reliability, possible spying.
VPNEncrypts every information from your device or browser.

Local restrictions and censorship removed.

Keeps you secure on public WiFi.
Not completely free, some apps offer more security for a monthly fee.

Possible spying by free VPN apps.

You can use both Tor and VPN for highly secure browsing. It effectively hides your online presence and gives you double the benefits of both Tor and VPN. You can do this while travelling or generally to keep your history hidden from third-party apps and black hat hackers. View our videos on YouTube as well for a firm explanation.

YouTube video

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