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Fix: Twitter something went wrong try reloading

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Twitter is a social media platform with a social networking space where people from all around the world join to tweet about the latest occurrences in the world, share memes, or get updates from brands and people alike. If your Twitter has been slow to load or if you receive messages like, “Something went gone wrong with Twitter” or “Try reloading”, then you might be wondering if this is isolated to your device or the app itself.

Regardless of the reason, in this article, we will be figuring out fixes to get rid of any glitches that might be the reason why your Twitter is not loading.

Twitter unable to load: Fixes

There may be a number of reasons why your Twitter may not be working and some of them are:

  • Your network connection might be spotty.
  • Twitter’s new update is experiencing some errors.
  • There is an issue within your device in which Twitter is unable to open in which case you should try restarting your device.

Given below are some fixes that you can attempt to fix any issues that might be causing Twitter to not function optimally on your device:

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Clear cache and cookies

Clearing cookies and other trackers left from surfing on websites is the best way to make sure that Twitter works unhampered. You can delete your browsing data as well as cookies and other site data by following the steps given below:

Step 1: Head to the top-right corner of your browser and click on the three white vertical dots. Select Settings from the given options. In settings, click on Privacy and security in the option given on the side panel.

Step 2: Now, click on the Clear browsing data option and then on Clear data.

Step 3: Now, click on the Cookies and other site data option to block any third-party cookies. If you have blocked all cookies, then uncheck that option as Twitter may not function correctly if all of its cookies are blocked.

Clearing your Twitter app’s cache in your phone also helps in removing any corrupted files that might be present in your cache.

Check network connection

You should check your network connection to see if you are connected to the internet. Twitter might also fail to load if your network speed is slow. So try switching your device’s airplane mode on and off, then try to move around to get a better range if you are unable to get a signal. You can also unplug your Wi-Fi for a minute or two, before switching it on again.

Check Twitter server status

You can check the status of Twitter’s servers to see if the API service is functional. Any outages, under maintenance, or low performance are highlighted on this page. You can regularly check this page if Twitter as a platform is working optimally. If the site is down at any point, you can try waiting for some time for the services to be fixed before using the app or site again. You can also subscribe to the API status page to get regular updates.

Update your OS

If you have not updated your system’s operating system then you should do it now as any old or corrupted files might be causing glitches and interference with the Twitter app’s functioning on your device. Hence, updating your PC or mobile software goes a long way in the smooth functioning of all apps, even if you are only using Twitter through your browser.


You can try using a VPN as it will switch your IP address. This way you can check if the problem is only occurring on your Twitter account, be it on your desktop or app, or if using a different IP address from a different country works. There might be a regional issue if your Twitter is back to normal by using a VPN.

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