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Twitter’s web platform revamped: 5 key changes

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Twitter's web platform revamped: 5 key changes | Candid.Technology

Twitter has rolled out a redesigned and refreshed version of its website — — making it quicker, smoother, more personalised and bringing the aesthetics closer to the iOS and Android apps.

Following beta testing and user feedback, Twitter’s website now has a Bookmarks tab, an Explore page, and a darker Dark mode.

“Today, we are starting to roll out a new – a refreshed and updated website that is faster, easier to navigate and more personalised. The site has an updated look and feel that is more consistent with the Twitter you see on other devices, making it easier to access some of your favourite features, and with more options to make it your own,” Twitter announced.

  • Explore: As mentioned above, the new brings over the Explore feature from its apps. Web users can now expect personalised content such as local moments and live videos in the Explore tab.
  • Side Navigation: Features such as Bookmarks, Lists and user profile are always visible in the side navigation menu, giving users easy access to these features at a click of a button and making the entire surfing experience seamless.
  • DM: Direct Messages have also been redesigned as now users will be able to easily reply to DMs since switching between screens has been made quicker. According to the company, users “can see your conversations and send messages all from the same view”.
  • Switching profiles: With this update, users with multiple profiles will also be able to switch between them more easily via the Profile tab in the side navigation.
  • Dark(er) mode and themes: Dark mode on has been given a darker shade and users will also see different theme and colour options to personalise their Twitter screen even further.
Twitter's web platform revamped: 5 key changes | Candid.Technology

Twitter’s new Dark mode

“We’ve been testing aspects of this for a while so we could make sure the new site reflected how you use Twitter. Thanks to hundreds of thousands of responses we received during those tests.”

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