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How to delete your Ola account?

With a humble beginning in Bangalore to becoming the first choice cab-hailing service in India — giving the likes of global giants Uber a run for their money in the subcontinent — Ola has come a long way. Although, if you’ve decided to jump the ship and get rid of your Ola account, let me break it to you that it isn’t going to be an easy task.

While creating an Ola account only takes a few minutes, the company doesn’t let users delete their account. That’s right! You can’t delete or deactivate your Ola account. The Ola Cabs app for Android or iOS has no option to delete your Ola account. And this might not even come as a shock to many as several companies like Oyo, MakeMyTrip, and PhonePe, to name a few, are employing the same practices.

However, there is a workaround to this as you can still block your Ola account. Once your Ola account is blocked, no one will be able to use the same phone number and email address to use Ola again, even you. So, you’re deleting your Ola account entirely with no scope of getting back on until you get a new phone number and probably a new email address too.

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Delete Ola account permanently

How to delete your Ola account permanently? | Candid.Technology
Ola Cabs launched in London earlier this month | Photo by Ola Cabs

You can contact Ola via their customer support on-call (01204857900 for English; India) and ask your account to be blocked or email either [email protected] or [email protected] from your registered email address.

Following is a sample email to that you can copy and send to Olacabs. For convenience and security, rather than picking one of the emails mentioned above addresses, we recommend adding both the email addresses in your ‘To’ or one of them in the ‘CC’ list.

To: [email protected]; [email protected]

Subject: Block my Ola Cabs account



I’ve an Ola Cab account and would like to block my Ola account. Kindly guide me through the process. Following are the basic details to identify my Ola account as well as to contact me in case you need any more details.

Name: <Your Name>
Email address: <Registered email address>
Phone number: <Registered phone number>

Thank you.

This is the only way to get rid of your Ola account for good. Remember to send the email only via the email address that you’ve registered with Ola Cabs for making your profile.

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