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What is UICC Unlock? Everything you need to know

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Android carriers have a new SIM called UICC, which is adaptable for laptops and other electronic devices and phones. UICC is like a SIM card; many android carrier providers have a way of locking up UICC. Overall, UICC is the fast, smaller, efficient, and reliable modification of a SIM card.

In this article, we will talk about what it is, why data providers lock it, and unlocking UICC. The following topics will be covered:

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What is UICC?

It stands for Universal Integrated Circuit Card (UICC). It is a modified version of a SIM (Subscriber Identification Module) card. UICC informs your data provider about your plans, secures your connection, and offers a multi-media network. It is a reliable model that can effortlessly work over network bands like 3G and 4G.

However, the android carrier company that provides UICC keeps it locked so you cannot add a different sim on your device. This limits the functionality of the UICC sim to only one operator.

What is a SIM card? 5 types of SIM cards explained
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For example, if a user opts for Sprint’s data pack on a UICC SIM for their phone or any other electronic device, Sprint locks UICC. This way, the user can only use Sprint as its sole network carrier; however, once UICC is unlocked, the restriction is lifted. UICC unlock allows you to access multiple networks on any device, not limiting you to one SIM card use.

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Unlocking UICC

By unlocking UICC, you open it to other android network carriers and their 3G-4G network bands. You become eligible to use other SIM cards. It was made legal by the FCC (Federal Communications Commission) for customers to unlock their phones, also ensuring that carrier providers help their customers with the unlocking.

What is a SIM card? 5 types of SIM cards explained

UICC unlock with carrier

Here, we will take the example of a phone having a UICC using a Sprint network. Your UICC SIM can be unlocked for free in the following way:

  • Contact your data service provider for a free unlocking session by contacting their customer support.
  • They will take some information from you to verify you as the owner.
  • After a certain duration of time, they will send you a network unlock code. Enter it and then update your profile in the settings.

Remember, every carrier has certain requirements you need to meet before applying for a UICC unlock request.

UICC unlock without carrier

If you are in a hurry or have problems meeting the requirement your carrier set out, then follow this method. You can unlock your phone via online unlocking websites like DirectUnlock, UnlockRadar, UnlockBoot, and FreeUnlocks, among many others.

What is UICC Unlock? Everything you need to know

These websites ask for your basic information, including the IMEI number, and they will mail over the unlock code within a few hours. However, unlocking services on the internet is not free.

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Benefits of UICC unlock

Having your UICC unlocked is no doubt beneficial in a lot of ways. To recap, some of those boons are as follows:

  • You can choose the service provider which works best in your current area. This can change according to your location and you are free to select any provider.
  • International roaming on calls and data charges are no longer applicable, allowing you to travel stress-free.
  • You have more freedom and choices from various operators. You have access to multi-media and payment services among other new applications.
  • UICC supports multiple PIN codes and can protect you by keeping your personal information safe.

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