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Ukraine Refugee Crisis: 15 ways to support and get help

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With the humanitarian crisis unfolding in Ukraine due to the Russian onslaught, everyone is trying to lend a helping hand. With millions fleeing Ukraine, countries all around the world are rallying together. They are raising funds for accommodations, basic amenities, medical supplies, and transporting people from Ukraine to one of its border-sharing countries.

This article will give a detailed analysis of the efforts of various websites and organisations on the ground.

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With millions leaving their homes behind due to shelling and bombing by Russian planes and military, in conclusion, a haven has become the primary aim for all refugees.

Ukraine Take Shelter

Created by two 18-year old students of Harvard University, this easy-to-use website connects Ukrainian refugees to hosts in multiple cities. By entering the city closest to you, a list of accommodations and the hosts’ contact information is provided. You can get in touch with them directly and quickly.

Ukraine Refugee Crisis: 15 ways to support and get help

Moreover, the website also provides you with detailed safety notes for refugees when contacting hosts. Lastly, if you are looking to help, you can also volunteer to become a host.


Founded by Ukraine’s Member of Parliament, Halyna Yanchenko on February 24, 2022. The website is available in numerous languages and displays two options: find housing and offer housing. More than 10,000 registered hosts and 40,000 beds are being offered.

Ukraine Refugee Crisis: 15 ways to support and get help

Additionally, it provides instructions during the war, bots for general and medical assistance, and information for going abroad.


They aim to connect Ukrainian refugees with European families. Hosts are expected to provide empty rooms and spaces in their homes. This platform caters to hosts ready to provide free accommodation.

Ukraine Refugee Crisis: 15 ways to support and get help

The hosts receive an email with the profile and contact details of the refugee who has chosen them. The website lets the host establish further contact.

Basic amenities

A wide range of essential utilities is being provided by NGOs and world organisations as well as various local companies.

People in need

PIN was started in 1992 by Czech war correspondents who wanted to help make a difference. Subsequently, it has become one of the biggest non-profit organisations in Central Europe. They have operated three trains every week, up until seven trains.

Ukraine Refugee Crisis: 15 ways to support and get help

They would carry sleeping bags, blankets, hygiene products, operating kits, and 100 tonnes of food to the refugees. 13 trucks full of humanitarian supplies and 60,000,000 EUR have been donated by the people of Czech.

Red Cross

The International Red Cross organisation has many branches and they help the people affected by violence by providing humanitarian aid. They help build infrastructure, distribute food and hygiene kits, provide medical and other facilities. The Ukrainian red cross website is currently down due to a cyberattack; however, you can donate here.

Ukraine Refugee Crisis: 15 ways to support and get help

Organisations like CARE, International Rescue Committee, UNICEF, UN World Food Programme, and World Central Kitchen provide food assistance like hot meals on city borders and healthcare facilities.

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The European Union has opened up its borders to all Ukrainian citizens or anyone fleeing Ukraine. Travel documents are not a necessity. The refugees have been granted temporary protection.


It is a German-based bus transport service that offers free rides and ground support to refugees leaving Ukraine. They have already helped over 20,000 refugees flee to Europe.

Ukraine Refugee Crisis: 15 ways to support and get help

Many local companies are also using it to transport relief aid goods to Ukraine.

Drive for refugees

It is a Czech-operated website that offers a list of drivers with their names and contact information. The details of their vehicle, with the number of seats and availability of child car seats, are included. The drivers have also specified areas they can pick refugees from and the drop-off area.

Ukraine Refugee Crisis: 15 ways to support and get help

Refugees can filter their search suitably and the country of their choice from Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania, etc. Word of advice: Don’t call, just message.

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Financial aid

With the Russian invasion completing a month, they seem unlikely to stop. Refugees from Ukraine need funding and support to establish a normal routine in their lives again. They will have to merge and settle with the local communities of the places that have sheltered them.

Sunflower of Peace

It is a Boston-based, non-profit organisation that collaborates with doctors, paramedics, and organisations globally. Currently helping Ukraine with medical and humanitarian aid. They deliver first-aid backpacks, medicines, medical instruments, saving hundreds of lives.

Ukraine Refugee Crisis: 15 ways to support and get help

Donate via PayPal or through Facebook. Purchasing items on their AmazonSmile list lets them send medical supplies directly to Ukraine.

Project Hope

They are a global network of healthcare workers. Currently, they are working on-ground by actively shipping medicines and other supplies to Ukraine and its bordering countries. Their organisation has been working in Ukraine since 2002.

Ukraine Refugee Crisis: 15 ways to support and get help

They are currently shipping Interagency Emergency Health Kit, which according to them, can support 10.000 people for three months.

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A graphic design platform, Canva has shipped 3,000 USB power banks to help people displaced by war. They have also donated $1,000,000 and matched donations from their team, dollar-for-dollar, up to $5,000 per team member.

They have also created a range of templates and illustrations that allows people to show their solidarity with Ukraine.


A UK-based cleantech startup plans to ship thousands of pre-charged power banks to Ukraine and its borders. Lifesaver has sent over 2,000 fully charged power banks with in-built cables directly to Poland and some Ukrainian cities.

By donating £7 + VAT, a Lifesaver power bank will be sent directly to a Ukrainian refugee. Lifesaver is collaborating with Techfugees, an organisation that gives tech solutions to displaced people.

Ukraine Refugee Crisis: 15 ways to support and get help
Fundraiser page for Lifesaver

Tesla’s CEO, Elon Musk, has provided Ukraine with Starlink, a satellite-based wireless internet service provider. Its 2,000 satellites ensure good connectivity as internet services have stopped in many parts of Ukraine.

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Thousands of children have been displaced from their homes, and their education has been disrupted. Some efforts to restart are already underway.

Education Cannot Wait

It is a global fund established to put education forward during any crisis or emergency. On March 15, 2022, $5 million was pledged with a $20 appeal for additional funding for emergency response in Ukraine.

Ukraine Refugee Crisis: 15 ways to support and get help

This grant is being managed by Save the Children and UNICEF. This grant will provide access to education and psychological support for children and adolescents when favourable conditions arise. You can also donate to Save the Children.

Ukraine Refugee Crisis: 15 ways to support and get help
Save the Children

Online Platforms

From March 14, 2022, onwards, Ukraine resumed online classes in many regions. Through its distance learning platform, National Online School, students with an internet connection, both inside and outside the country are resuming classes. IMZO digital library is providing access to school learning materials.

Ukraine Refugee Crisis: 15 ways to support and get help

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Mental health

The Russian invasion has given rise to the fastest-growing refugee crisis, leading to increasing family separations, death, hardships, and fear. Mental health plays a vital role in such situations.

Voices of Children

To counter war trauma, they give psychological and psychosocial support to children. Their programs include art therapy and video storytelling. They provide individual help and mobile psychologists. You can help them help children to resolve their emotional stress and traumatic experiences by volunteering and donating.

Ukraine Refugee Crisis: 15 ways to support and get help


It is a culmination of three Israeli companies: Kai, Amplio, and Femi. They provide free, online, and remote professional medical and mental help along with self-service mental support. Kai is an AI personal well-being coach, Amplio helps students with learning difficulties and Femi is an online medical service company.

Ukraine Refugee Crisis: 15 ways to support and get help
Kai, Amplio, Femi

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