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How to block or unblock someone on Pinterest?

Launched in January 2010 by Ben Silbermann with a primary focus on images and to some extent gifs and videos too, Pinterest has been around for almost a decade as it completes ten years next January with north of 300 million active users. Smartphones have played a crucial role in the increasing traction sites like Pinterest see as they’re readily available via apps on Android and iOS.

However, as is true in real life, there is a chance you won’t like the views, in this case, Pins or boards of a particular person or page on Pinterest. To avoid conflict of interest, the sanest way to get away from people and things you don’t like on the social network is to block them — if you don’t see them, chances are you won’t be bothered by what they post.

Here is a short guide to help you block someone on Pinterest in three simple steps. If you think you’ve blocked someone by mistake, we’ve also discussed how you can unblock them.

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How to block someone on Pinterest?

Go to the profile of the person you want to block and click on the flag icon towards the top-left of the display. Then on the new window below, tap on Block.How to block or unblock someone on Pinterest? In 3 easy steps The profile will be blocked and won’t be able to follow or message you and interact with your pins too. The person you’ve blocked won’t be notified about the same, but they’ll know about it if they try to follow you or engage with your Pins.

If you’ve saved any pins from the profile that you’ve just blocked, they’ll remain saved on your profile, and you’ll need to delete them individually. Blocked profiles appear in search, feeds and group boards.

How to unblock someone on Pinterest?

Open the blocked profile and click on the Unblock button at the top-right of the display. Then click on Unblock.How to block or unblock someone on Pinterest? In 3 easy steps Also read: Is the Tesla CyberTruck merely a PR stunt?

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