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Unit 2 Games moves to Facebook Gaming alongwith Crayta

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Facebook Gaming makes another leap in the online gaming ecosystem with the acquisition of Unit2Games, the creators of Crayta, a game creation platform powered by Unreal Engine 4.

With the acquisition of Unit 2 Games, Facebook plans to expand its creator-based to include people who “collaboratively build, publish and share games, worlds and new experiences”. Currently, a majority of the creators on Facebook Gaming are either live streamers or game developers, and this move aims to expand their creators’ portfolio.

The company plans to integrated Crayta’s cloud-streaming tech to make a game creation toolset for Facebook Gaming’s cloud platform.

Unity 2 Games moves to Facebook Gaming alongwith Crayta

“Facebook Gaming combines a games platform, a live streaming platform and, obviously as Facebook, all the communities that come with it. And we’ve always maintained that our role in the industry is to help build gaming communities and support the many ways people come together around games. Our next phase of growth will come from bringing the activities of playing, watching and connecting closer together,” Vivek Sharma, VP, Facebook Gaming announced on Friday.

What’s in store for Crayta?

Players on creators on Crayta can expect more players to join the games and more opportunities to collaborate with Facebook Gaming’s audience. The platform will carry on operations as usual. The third battle pass and Mechanical Revolution are still coming.

Unity 2 Games moves to Facebook Gaming alongwith Crayta

According to the CEO of Unit 2 Games, Richard Smithies, “Well, for now, we’ll be carrying on just as normal. We’ll still be bringing incredible new content and features to the game (look out for our next Battle Pass season, Mechanical Revolution, coming on June 16th!), we’ll still be just as active on all our usual community channels, and the team here will remain unchanged while we plan for the future.”

The team is moving to Facebook Gaming and will continue to work together. However, the exact roadmap of Unit 2 Games will surely see some change, but hopefully, for the better, Facebook Gaming opens new avenues for the team.

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