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How to unlock Agents in Valorant?

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Valorant is Riot Games’ FPS title with traits similar to CS:GO and Overwatch. Its characters known as Agents feature unique abilities and work with a wide range of weapons to provide a new experience for its players to secure victory in its 5v5 clan matches.

The game starts you off with five agents to pick from with six more to unlock as you play, though how exactly can you unlock more agents is unclear. Hence, read this guide to learn how to expand your agent roster in Valorant.

Upon starting the game, you are assigned a Welcome Contract, which allows you to unlock two Agents without the labour of having to complete character-specific contracts. Progressing to tier five and ten of this freebie will allow you to unlock an Agent of your choice at each of these levels.

Unlocking Agents via this method will automatically level up their character contract to level five.

How to unlock Agents in Valorant? | Candid.Technology

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Unlocking an agent in Valorant

To play as any of the remaining Agents, players will have to level up their respective Contracts to level five, after completing the Welcome Contract. How you can do this has been listed below.

Step 1: Navigate to Agents sub-menu.

How to unlock Agents in Valorant? | Candid.Technology

Step 2: Under a locked agent you should see a prompt saying Activate. Click on it to undertake the contract.

How to unlock Agents in Valorant? | Candid.Technology
The white bar below each character shows your contract progression.

Step 3: Play games to earn XP to level up a contract to level 5 to unlock the Agent.

If grinding is not your preferred way of progression, you can also spend money to unlock Agents. Each contract level costs 200 Valorant Points, which means unlocking an Agent costs about $10.

How to unlock Agents in Valorant? | Candid.Technology
Killjoy is the latest addition to Valorant’s roster. | Source: Riot Games via YouTube

Players can only have one Contract active at a time. Switching between different contracts will not erase any progress made with an Agent.

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Factors to consider before unlocking a Valorant Agent

While Valorant’s gameplay is similar to CS:GO, the unique abilities of its Agents — akin to Overwatch — can be utilised in any way a player sees fit, of course, bound by the limitations set by the game developers.

How to unlock Agents in Valorant? | Candid.Technology

Below we have listed the factors you should research before unlocking an Agent to see if they suit your playing style.

  • Buyable abilities: These are two techniques which cost 100 and 200 in-match points respectively. They can be purchased between rounds while playing a match.
  • Signature ability: This skill is available for Agents at the start of each round. It may have a cooldown depending on which character you play.
  • Ultimate Ability: This move is unlocked in a match by earning points for actions like killing, dying, collecting black orbs and planting or defusing spikes.

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