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How to level up fast in Clash Royale?

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If you just started playing Clash Royale, you will first need to complete the five-odd tutorial matches, and in those matches, you will unlock some cards and their upgrades. You can upgrade those cards and play battles to increase trophies and get other rewards.

One of the most important aspects is to increase your king level and with every king level, your king tower and princess tower’s strength will also increase. So levelling up in Clash Royale makes you stronger. Also note that as you level up you will fight enemies with similar king levels — sometimes stronger or weaker even.

If you are new to the game and want to level up quickly, in this guide we’ll explain how you can level up fast in Clash Royale by increasing your king level.

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What is King Level? Why is it important?

King level is the blue bar on the top left corner of the screen as shown in the screenshot below. It shows the strength of your king towers. To be fair, it is really not easy to level up your king tower and will take a little time and a lot of patience on your end.

How to level up fast in Clash Royale? | Candid.Technology

You can increase your king level by completing two tasks — upgrading or donating cards to your clanmates — as explained below.

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Upgrading cards

Open the cards tab and select the cards wisely for the upgrade that you can use in your deck to make your deck stronger because you need coins and gems to proceed with the upgrades, both of which aren’t easy to come by in the game.

As you can see in the second screenshot below, every card provides you a different number of upgrade points. These upgrade points will increase with the level of cards.

How to level up fast in Clash Royale? | Candid.Technology

The best practices to ensure that you level-up fast in Clash Royale by upgrading your cards is the following.

  • Play battles with the enemies to collect different chests and coins and gems.
  • Complete quests to win different rewards and collect the daily gifts from the quests tab.
  • Play party battles to collect coins and chests as you can collect the different amount of coins and different cards in the chests.
  • Participate in events as events give different rewards for winning battles, you can win different card upgrades, coins and different big chests in which you can find many more cards and coins for an upgrade.

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By donating cards

Join a clan and donate cards to your clanmates. Every single card you donate gives you upgrade points; so the more you donate, the more points you get, which help in levelling up in Clash Royale..

How to level up fast in Clash Royale? | Candid.Technology

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