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How to upload and download images from Midjourney?

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Midjourney is one of the most popular text-to-image generating AI tools around these days. While the tool itself is known for the accurate and high-quality images it generates, it also has a bunch of other quality-of-life features that make using it a breeze.

While working with Midjourney, you can do more than generate images from a prompt. Not only can you download the images you’ve generated, but you can also upload images to either merge using AI or to get prompts for a specific image.

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Uploading images to Midjourny

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As mentioned above, you can upload images to Midjourney in two ways using the following commands.

  • /describe: Takes an image as an input and gives you four prompts that can generate a similar image. Keep in mind that the resulting prompts generate a similar-looking image and not an exact copy.
  • /blend: Blends two or more images into a single image using the Midjourney AI.

For getting prompts from images:

Open the Midjourney Discord server or the Midjourney Bot DMs and follow these steps.

Step 1: Type /describe and select the image option.

Step 2: Click the image placeholder icon and select the image you want to upload. Alternatively, you can also drag and drop the image in the placeholder icon. Once done, press enter to run the command.

For merging multiple images:

Open the Midjourney Discord server or the Midjourney Bot DMs and follow these steps.

Step 1: Type /blend and press the space bar.

Step 2: You’ll see two placeholder icons appear. Either click each icon and browse to the image you want to upload or drag and drop your images in the placeholders. Once done, press enter to run the command.

You can use the /blend command with up to five images at once but works with two images by default. If you want to add more images, click the text bar at the bottom and select additional images from the Options menu.

Downloading images from Midjourney

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When it comes to downloading images, you have a couple of options. These include either copying the image straight from Discord itself or using the Midjourney website. Here’s how.

Downloading using Discord

If you want to download your Midjourney-generated images using Discord, simply right-click the image and select the Save Image option. This will save the image in its original resolution. Alternatively, you can also use the Copy Image option to directly copy-paste the image in an editing program or somewhere else.

Do keep in mind that this method doesn’t upscale images automatically and copying or saving an image will result in a mosaic of the four generated images. You’ll have to manually upscale the specific image you want to use in the Discord chat itself before downloading if you want a specific image from the AI-generated results.

Downloading using the Midjourney website

You can also download and share your images from the Midjourney dashboard. Follow these steps.

Step 1: Head over to the Midjourney website and click the Sign In button in the bottom right. Login with the same Discord account you linked with Midjourney.

Step 2: Once on the Explore page, head over to the My Images section.

Step 3: Click the image you want to download.

Step 4: Click the download icon in the top right.

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